Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live Blogging Idol Top 5 Neil Diamond

I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of those nights where I don't think I know the songs, and then I recognize them. Ok, uh, was that slightly idiotic waving hi to Carly? Off to a booming start!

Wow look at Syesha! She looks fab! Man, I just spaced out during the Neil Diamond intro. I just have a lot on my mind these days...he's telling them to be joyful. That's good!

Jason: He's chosen two different songs. I immediately realize that I recognize the songs. Ha. Told ya.
I can't hear! Must be my fan. Excuse me, I'm gonna grab my remote. "Forever in Blue Jeans" Nice song, typical Jason fare, I do believe. Are we skipping the judges? Oh interesting. Do they normally sing two songs at the top five stage?

David Cook: In the danger spot tonight! He gets some info from Ryan for us. Neil got goosebumps. Yipee! Who knows this song? Actually, I think I do. How is that possible? Maybe it sounds like another song. Well, it was good! I liked it!

Brooke: She's gonna play the instruments. "I'm a Believer" I know this song. (wow, is this commentary exciting tonight or what?) Is she a bit too low? This doesn't sound great nor is it all that exciting.

Davie A.: Neil calls David a prodigy. "Sweet Caroline" This performance is fine. Pretty good.

Syesha: "Hello Again" Very pretty and nice. Good performance, love the hair.

Not sure I really like this format. Uh, Paula is clairvoyant!!!!! Apparently, she made her decisions based on the dress rehearsal and would like to see Jason go? Sorry, Simon, but I think these songs aren't giving our contestants much to work with.

Jason, again!: I guess I don't know this song, but hello? It's utterly cheesy!

David Cook: I pretty much like everything David does, but I don't know this song, so I can't say that I'm terribly excited by it, but I did enjoy it. Paula calls him the American Idol. Simon says he's brilliant. I do agree that it was less cheesy. I hope it's the one we can buy off itunes. I'm such a groupie.

Brooke: Brooke is at the piano which, I do believe, generally works for her. That was a nice performance. I guess I just don't love these songs.

David A.: The song was ok. I don't know, all a bit cheesy still for me. I'm really sorry if some of you are huge Neil Diamond fans.

Ooh an Indiana Jones commercial! I might see that. What about you all?

Syesha: Yay, it's the personality filled Syesha! Very fun and upbeat performance!

My favorites tonight: David Cook (huge surprise) and Syesha. Going home? Maybe Jason.

By the way, I have a quite a few TV blogs in my reader and they've been all abuzz with the now official declining ratings of Idol. Fox is being very aggressive about this and apparently conducting some research. Some of the ideas presented have included starting straight from Hollywood week and using flashbacks to auditions. (uh, what?) Other questions have been focused on Ryan. So....if you could change something about Idol what would it be? What will save Idol? (it's still the number one TV show but the ratings are not as strong as they used to be)


Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

I would shorten the televised auditions. Their cheesy and stupid. Only show those who make it to Hollywood. Shorten the amount of time the show actually takes.

I know they're asking questions about Ryan, but I think he does a pretty good job keeping things moving and he's funny enough.

Carole said...

I love your "live" blog, Amy!

I still enjoy Idol, but I can definitely miss it if I have to. After watching the auditions once a few years ago, I stopped that and only tune in when it's down to the top 24. I also record it, then fastforward through commercials when I watch - and sometimes even the interviews. I just like the singing and critiques.

I actually like Ryan. Maybe all good programs just get a little boring after a while.

I can't find my blog said...

2 things- Ditch Paula, and No hand waving. Although I watch each week regardless of these things. If I wasn't blogging it I might not be so interested anymore- at least this season when DC is going to win, the rest is just technicalities.

Megan said...

The long drawn out auditions part which seems to me to be an excuse to make a fool of yourself on TV could definitely be cut down. Also, the top 24 weeks where it's on 3 nights a week, I think, is a bit of a trial even for the biggest fan - I mean, who has five hours in one week to watch American Idol? I mean, I don't, but that's just me...

Other than that, I don't know. This has actually been one of my favorite seasons in awhile and I've been way more dedicated to it than usual - though we, at my house, are hard pressed to choose watching the results show instead of Criminal Minds... the last few minutes are what's important anyhow, right? ;-)

Jen said...

I would definitely make the results show a half hour. Stretching out for an hour is a bit excessive. I enjoy the auditions because it is fun to try to pick the winner from the beginning. I guess they could shorten it to include only the really good singers and just have all the bad/crazies in one episode. I think Ryan is great--no problem there.

Amy said...

I agree with everyone about Ryan, I like him, too.

They totally make people wave their hands while the contestants are singing...is that you're talking about? You get yelled at if you don't. ;)

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