Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So That's Not Gonna Help

I love playing Scrabulous on Facebook and have enjoyed battling it out with friends.

But it's not really much of a battle because I'm terrible.

In fact, at the moment, one of my friends is beating me with a score like 350 to 120.


So back at the after Christmas sales, I picked up page-a-day calendar with Scrabble grams to improve my game. It was only a dollar! What a bargain!

I'm not sure it's going to help much because check this out:
Letters provided: AUHHRBR
Solution: RHUBARB

Do you see what's wrong?


Jen said...

Two H's and only one B. That is too funny!

I just tagged you for a meme. Hope you'll play alog.

Jen said...

oops, I left out the n in along, but I guess that goes along with the theme of this post.

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