Monday, April 28, 2008

A Simple Way to Love Your Neighbor

In our corner of the blogosphere, we like to talk about love a lot. We then talk about feeding the poor or sponsoring a child or skipping a latte (which never applies to me) to give a little extra in some direction.

I'd like to talk about a hard but simple and practical way to love your neighbor. Talking about the poor is nice, and I wholeheartedly agree with it, but bear with me a minute.

Please return your shopping cart to the shopping cart collection area after shopping.

Look, I get it. You're tired. You're spent. It's just as easy to leave the cart right there for the next person. It doesn't really matter, after all if you do it this once, it's not even windy.

It matters.

Here is how you are loving your neighbor by returning your shopping cart.

1) Yes, the carts do roll around in the parking lot and crash into people's cars and ding them. If you return it, this is not likely to happen. You are saving stress, and helping others maintain the value of their cars.

2) You are making the job of the guy who has to go out and collect the carts a lot easier.

3) Shopping carts are actually really expensive. If left to roll around in the parking lot, they are likely to get damaged. You never want to get a bum shopping cart yourself when you go shopping and neither does your neighbor. Plus, the less shopping carts the store has to purchase or repair, the less expensive our food has to be, the more we can feed the poor.

So for the love of your neighbor, please return the shopping cart!!!!!


~ jen ~ said...

I bet you were waiting for me to comment! I have done my fair share of cart collecting, and it DOES help very much when shoppers return their carts to the proper area.

And I have had my fair share of dents caused by runaway carts....The more we spend on repairs, the less we have to spend elsewhere to "stimulate the economy"...or to donate to a worthy cause.

It's not hard to do, so just put the cart back into the corral or wherever the store has provided to collect them. There are too many careless and lazy people out there, don't compound the problem!

ldperez said...

Yeah, but what if the only place to return the cart is at the front of the grocery store and I have all 3 kids with me? Do I leave them in the car by themselves? Or do I put my kids in the car so I can unload groceries from cart to car and then unload all my kids again so I can trek back up to the grocery store to return the cart?
What I like to do is either find someone nearby who is going in and looks like they need a cart or find the nearest guard who is hanging out in the parking lot not doing anything anyway and ask him very politely to return it for me. Lacking those options, however, I'd rather not return it than leave my kids alone in the car - yeah, even if it is locked.

Amy said...

Alright, I was waiting for the controversy! :) Ha.

I can see why that would be hard and I would think that would be the exception. But I don't think that's MOST people who leave their carts in the parking lot. I think returning the cart is actually the EXCEPTION and not the norm.

But I wholeheartedly agree that the stores need to have more areas to return the shopping carts. That way it's easier to try to park near one of those areas in your case.

But my main point, really is that loving your neighbor sometimes just means doing mundane little things and not taking shortcuts while failing to realize the whole overall societal impact each decision has. :)

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