Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural Season 1, Episodes 14, 15

I feel I must confess that while I was enjoying Supernatural before, I have now fallen in love with this show. I totally get it (all the fanatical fans). I've already warned Elizabeth that while I was always lagging behind her with the Season 1 episodes, I have full plans to blaze through season 2. Thanks to everyone who talked about it on Twitter with me...I love nothing more than finding others to share my television obsessions!

So anyway, here's our latest chats about the season 1 episodes...and a friendly reminder that if you tried watching just a few episodes of this show, I strongly suggest you work your way through a season. As far as I'm concerned, the strength of this show is the characters so it takes awhile to get attached! (unlike LOST which is a balance of being character driven and plot driven! Or 24 which is plot driven) As always I am in regular text and Elizabeth is in italics!

Episode 14: Nightmare
Synopsis: Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide.

How creepy was this episode? We had the reappearance of Sam's dreams. Now tell me, when you first saw creepy teenage boy did you suspect him of being involved?

I thought this was a great one. Sam's dreams apparently always mean good tv. =) I thought it was interesting that now he is dreaming about somone random - before it always related to them somehow (Jessica's death, or their old house.) And Yes! The creepy teenage boy is always involved!! True. I mean, they couldn't possibly have cast someone more creepy or obvious!

I thought the brothers as priests were adorable! (thought somewhat clueless)

Yes, they were strangely comforting, weren't they. =)
I wouldn't turn them away from my door!

Which death did you find the most gruesome?

The guy who got his head cut off in the window. They showed his head in the flower box!! Yeah, I thought that was pretty awful. Though I also wondered who would stick their head out the window that way! A bit convenient for the gruesome death!

Did you think they were going to be able to talk the kid out of killing his mom?

I thought they would be able to save the mom, but I didn't think he would kill himself. That was sad. Which really contrasts what Sam has as opposed to what that kid had. Sam is really lucky to have Dean and his father, who though largely absent, loves him.

Were you surprised the revelation that Sam and this kid (sorry can't remember his name) were connected and how?

I was surprised, but it's a great plot twist. Maybe there are a whole group of kids whose moms were killed in the same way. It think it gives the story more depth - now they know whatever killed their mom killed others, too. They have even more reason to hunt it down and destroy it.
I wasn't really expecting it either and it really raises the stakes. This thing is bad!

Episode 15: The Benders
Sam and Dean head to Minnesota where a young boy witnesses a man vanishing into thin air.

I really loved the twist in this episode that there was nothing supernatural going on..just crazy evil people.
And how crazy evil were they?

Okay, so when this episode started, and I saw it was about a crazy, dirty family living out in the middle of nowhere, I immediately thought of that one X-Files episode with the crazy family where everyone was deformed, and the mom had no arms or legs, but lived on a little platform that rolled out from under the bed - do you remember that one? That episode scarred me for life. If this episode of Supernatural would have ended up like that, I would have been DONE with this show! Thankfully, it didn't go in that direction. YES!!!! That episode scarred me for life as well....eeeeewwwwwww!!!! And can I say it again? EEEWWW!

But - the best line of this episode - Dean = "You know, with our usual...playmates, there are rules. With people, they're just crazy."
I love Dean! :) I liked that line as well. I should start trying to remember favorite lines.

I was totally scared of that little girl!

See, the kids are always the creepiest!!

Did you think the cat in the parking lot might be involved? (I fully believe in evil kitties)

I don't think I ever suspected the cat, although that certainly would have taken the show in an interesting new direction.
Yes. I think that cats are scary, even though I also love them.

How dumb did you think the cop was to handcuff Dean to her car?!?

Well, she didin't know who she was dealing with - the fabulous Winchester brothers. =)
Right, but she didn't even call for back-up!!! Crazy in my opinion.

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Blodeuedd said...

I do love Supernatural and I so should see the 1 season again cos it was ages ago.

Unknown said...

I don't watch Supernatural, but I"ve always thought it might be right up my alley. It seems we like a lot of the same shows, so I'm going to start w/ season 1 on DVD. I've liked Jared Padalecki since Gilmore Girls!
I've got 2 really good books I'm giving away this week, so stop on by!

Amy said...

Blodeudd--you should!!! :) Then you could discuss it with us! :)

Elizabeth....just stick with it past the first few episodes (well the pilot is pretty good) and you'll be hooked. I am really really enjoying it now.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy you remember that episode of the X-Files - I honestly think it scarred my brain! I'm starting season 2 today - yay!! =)

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