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Tube Talk Tuesday (a day late): Supernatural Season 1 Episodes 8, 9

Welcome to our weekly discussion of Supernatural Season 1! Today we are discussing episodes 8 and 9. Even if you don't watch the show, we do add some personal anecdotes how I now love both brothers equally. :) Read our discussion of episodes 6 & 7 at Elizabeth's blog. (Elizabeth is in italics, and I'm in regular font.)

Episode 8: Bugs Synopsis: After a construction worker is killed by insects burrowing into his brain, Sam and Dean investigate a town's history and find that the new housing development is being built on sacred American Indian land.

Am I the only one who found it weird that Sam was driving the car??

Oops, guess I missed that!!

I'm always more interested in the family backstory than the monster-of-the-week. (Although, I have to say that, since I HATE bugs, this episode totally creeped me out.) I loved the conversation between Sam and Dean at the open house, where Sam reveals that their dad was always hard on him. Why do you think Sam is trying so hard to find his dad if he believes his Dad won't want to see him?

Well it is his dad. But more than that, I think that by finding his dad, he hopes to find who killed Jess. I thought these scenes also were the most interesting of the show although like you the bugs totally and completely creeped me out!!

Didn't it seem like the night in the house was the shortest night EVER?

YES. I was like...what? It's already over? But in the end...good for them. I was thinking..gosh, I do have a spider infestation problem...I hope they don't eat me.

It seemed like the boys didn't have too much to do in this episode - I mean, they were basically told what the problem was, without having to do much investigation, and then when they bugs came they couldn't really do anything to stop them. Do you think the show is running out of ghosties?

Well it's been on for a few years, so no. :) I think there are just some stronger story ideas than others.

Episode 9: Home
Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in the brothers' childhood house and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go home. Upon arrival, they meet the woman in Sam's premonition, and she reveals that the house is haunted.

I think this is the episode we've been waiting for...getting back a bit to the mythology of the show.

I know - I loved it! Definitely my favorite so far.

What did you think about Sam's dream? What do you think about his developing gift? Do you think he's being given the gift because he's less willing to do the hunting on his own?

He really does have some sort of pre-cog/psychic ability starting up. What I'm wondering about is when he got it - if it's just now developing, or if he somehow got it way back when he was a baby and the stuff happened to his mom - remember, the demon thing was standing in front of his crib for a while - and it's just now manifesting itself. It also makes me wonder if maybe Sam has been the focus of the evil surrounding the family all along.

Man I didn't even think about that!

This was a classic haunted house type of episode in many ways. What was the scariest part to you?

The creature in the closet! That poor little girl! Also, the little boy getting locked in the refrigerator was pretty tense.

How in the world did that little girl go to sleep in that room?????

I don't know, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to check a closet without thinking of this episode!

I suspected that Sam and Dean's mother was in the house as soon as the psychic said there was more than one spirit. Did you?

No, I actually didn't suspect their mom - I was afraid their dad was dead, and HE was in the house. I went in the completely wrong direction!

How can a dead spirit die again? (just wondering)

I didn't really understand that, either.

Why do you think that their father doesn't want them to know where he is?

I think something really bad is going on, and for some reason he believes he is protecting them by staying away. I feel like he thinks he has to figure it out before he can go back to them. (Also, I think he's probably wrong about that, but we'll see....)

And last random come they left a box of photos in the house?????

Right - I was confused about that too! Didn't the whole house burn down, and then it was rebuilt? How would a random box of photos survive the blazing fire??

I also wondered what their mom was sorry about - obviously, she could be sorry that she left them as little boys, but I wonder if it's something bigger that we don't know yet.


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You're right, the Mom is sorry about something much bigger.... :)

I'm enjoying reading your convos about the show!!!

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