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Tube Talk Tuesday: Supernatural Pilot Episode

New Feature here! Recently I asked for someone to co-review some TV shows with me (after learning on Blogged.com that my blog is a book and television blog!) and Elizabeth was up for the challenge with Supernatural. The thing is I collect TV shows on DVD a little bit like I collect books. Not nearly as bad, but well, probably worse than most people. I thought it would be fun to discuss the shows I was watching with someone and it IS fun. (stories are meant to be shared)

But first let me tell you a little bit about Supernatural. The series centers around two young men, Dean and Sam. When they are but wee little ones, their mother is killed in a decidedly supernatural incident. (it's all rather horrifying, and if you decide to watch, I don't want to completely spoil the show for you!) Thus begins the mission. But it doesn't seem much like a mission for Sam who is at school, has a girlfriend and seems relatively happy until Dean shows up and tells him their father has gone missing. And so this initial search for their father is where the series begins.

I asked Elizabeth a few questions about the pilot episode and here are her answers!

Amy: So I thought the action started off right away as we were introduced to a cozy little family that undergoes a traumatic event. What did you think of this opening? Scary? Did it pull you right in?

Elizabeth: I couldn't believe how fast the story started off - holy cow! All of a sudden there were scary, shadow men and burning houses. I have to admit that scary movies are not my thing - I have horrible nightmares - so I was a little bit nervous that the show would be too intense for me. But, I was extremely curious about it, and didn't want to stop watching! Amy: Agreed, it really pulled me in!

Amy: What do you think of the two main characters, Sam and Dean?

Elizabeth: I actually like both of them, and part of that could be because I've seen a few more episodes that just this first one. I think, initially, the audience is supposed to feel very, very sympathetic towards Sam - he's trying to make a better life for himself, trying to get away from a crazy growing-up experience. He's obviously smart and likable. Dean is more difficult- he didn't try to go after Sam when he left, but now just shows up after several years, expecting Sam to help him. He's pretty arrogant, and clearly lives outside the law. However, even in the first episode, I could tell he was a good guy - he really cares about his dad, enough to go find the brother he hadn't seen in a long time to help find him. I think the two are very well cast, and I definitely am interested in how both their characters will develop.

I also really love the relationship between them
. When Dean shows up, and says "I can't do it alone", and Sam responds, "Yes you can", it's so obvious how much they still love each other. Sam still thinks his big brother is invincible, and can take over the world. Dean still loves his little bro, and wants to have him there as he tackles this new challenge. I think the relationship between the two of them is going to be one of the biggest reasons I like the show. Amy: me, too. Actually, I'm a little bit in love with Dean.

Amy: How did you feel about the Woman in White legend or the Weeping Woman? Is this for real or made up for the show?

Elizabeth: Well, it's certainly an actual legend. There are Woman in White/Weeping Woman mythologies in lots of different cultures. They are slightly different in each culture, and I think it's possible the show's creators may have consolidated the details of several of them for the purposes of the show. What I appreciated is that they actually took the time to explain what the heck a Woman in White was. I've watched shows before where they talk about different ghosts/spirits/whatever, but they never really tell you what they are. I like that the writers give the audience a specific storyline for the ghost/spirit. For me, it makes it seem a lot more realistic - like wow, this could actually be out there somewhere. Amy: (I thought the details were incredibly specific which made me question if it was real)

Amy: Was the resolution of this show satisfying to you?

Elizabeth: Well, it wasn't really a resolution, was it? More just a hook, to get people to watch the rest. I was feeling a bit disappointed that Sam would just go back to college, and basically abandon his dad, but, of course, then another house burst into flames. I think it was a great ending to keep the audience wanting to know more - it certainly worked for me! I had to immediately watch the next episode! =) I do, however, have a bad feeling that girls who get mixed up into Sam and Dean's lives are not going to fare too well.... Amy: Well yes that part, but I was thinking the Woman in White storyline resolution. :)

And Elizabeth had some questions for me!

Elizabeth: Why do you think the brothers hadn't been in contact for so long? Dean obviously didn't have any trouble finding him when he really wanted to.

Amy: This is a good question and I have no earthly idea. As far as the ease with which Dean found Sam, I think they are obviously accustomed to tracking and hunting. It seems to me that Sam craves normality while Dean still feels a sort of calling to hunt the supernatural. Considering their ages when everything went down, this makes a lot of sense. Dean witnessed it while Sam probably heard about it through memories more.

Elizabeth: Why do you think their dad had been investigating this incident for 3 weeks? It took Sam and Dean about 2 days to get the whole thing solved - do you think Dad's message about the whole family being in danger has something to do with it?

Amy: I was wondering if there wasn't more to the incident than the initial phase they saw. I have no idea why the whole family is in danger or what's going on. ha, I don't have much to say about this!

Elizabeth: Throughout the show, Sam seems really mad at his dad - do you think, now that he has lost Jess in the same way that his Dad lost his Mom, he will be able to be more sympathetic to his father? Maybe understand why his dad made them grow up the way he did?

Amy: I think he will be more sympathetic to his father, but it's still a rather complicated situation. After all, dragging two kids into a life of hunting the supernatural or evil is a lot different than doing it on your own. However, I think his father probably felt like they had no other choice, and I do think Sam should be able to empathize some more. I felt bad for Jess!

But wait! There's more! Elizabeth has our discussion of episodes 2&3 over As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves! And if you've seen past the first four episodes Don't Spoil a Thing! I'm warning you.....



The Book Resort said...

OOHH... I love Sam & Dean. Hooked. Hooked. Hooked. Aaahhh, my mom & aunt LOVE it, too.
Thanks for dishin'.

The Book Resort said...

Oh, my hubby knows it's Winchester time ; }, Amy. lol.

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

I love this show!!! I watch it every Thursday.

Elizabeth said...

I think I might already be spoiled! I was talking to my husband about this last night, and I'm pretty sure he let something slip. (He's watched up to the current episodes.) Now all I want to do is watch every episode until what he said happens - it's a big deal!

Kelly said...

I love Supernatural, I've been watching it since the beginning. But since I record them and watch them when I have the time, I'm always a few episodes behind. The advantage to watching them as you are is that you won't get caught in one of those darn season end cliffhangers that you have to wait for the answer to for months on end!!

Molli said...

I LOVE Supernatural. The Winchester men's relationships. The music. The humor. The deeper spiritual questions/struggles that emerge in the later seasons. The Winchester men. Sigh. :)

Jen said...

I have Season 1 of this show sitting on my entertainment center. We watched episode 1 and I thought it was pretty good--kind of creepy, but definitely something I could see getting into.

Literary Feline said...

My husband and I have seen the first season of this, and I really liked it. I think my husband enjoyed most of the episodes, but he could probaby take or leave the show. I had such a crush on the one actor when he was on a soap opera I used to follow back during my college years. :-)

Amy said...

I'm so glad so many of you like this show! It makes me happy this is the one we decided to watch.

Elizabeth...that's bad news!

Anonymous said...

I love Supernatural and the Winchesters!!! This is one of the many shows I look forward to during the week. This one doesn't sit in my DVR I always want to watch right after it records =)

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