Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Sunday Salon: Here Comes the Sun.....

Hi everyone!

It is Spring here and spring has the weather of hope. I'm actually wanting to be outside and stuff and that is so unusual for me because it's usually too hot or something. But it's in the 70s and so perfect! So of course right around when we are having rare perfect weather I'll be heading out of town. I'm really looking forward to it, though, it's been awhile since I've gone anywhere and also since I've seen my siblings and nieces so it should be good times. I hope.

I think I might also bring along World War Z to finally read on the plane because I've been needing to read that book foreverrrr.

Anyway I think it's interesting that New Year's is the time when people make resolutions for a new and improved self, because it's really Spring that makes me feel like change is possible. And I need a good dose of it, so! Here's to a hopefully awesome spring.

Today I plan to get outside as much as possible and enjoy the weather, finish up this month's War and Peace reading in advance since I'll be out of town during our scheduled posting, write a few more blog posts so that this place stays active even while I'm away, and contemplate some other long overdue blogging changes. Oh and laundry and stuff, too, sigh. What are you guys up to?

TV Notes

I almost enjoyed this week's Scandal, but I've realized that President Fitz is one of my most hated characters ever and it's annoying to watch everyone scramble around him trying to please him. SO ANNOYING. Also, when the show takes its one emotional scene to be him calling Olivia and telling her he's glad she's ruined. So romantic y'all. But I did like that Abby got to tell Harrison that basically nothing will ever be the same between them again, that they are gladiators first and people second, because that storyline probably broke the show for me more than any other. I felt like there was no emotional truth to what happened in the aftermath and this is the first time I felt like there was. But whatever, I still hate most of the characters.

I still love The Americans, so much. I've never felt let down by an episode really and this week was no exception. I just love Phillip and Elizabeth and they are breaking my heart! But also I feel like the spy stuff is always interesting and smart. I want Nina to get away from Stan, omg. (Nina is probably the character I care most about after Phillip and Elizabeth and her storyline is killing me) But just watching these people, watching them try to figure out their lives and stay alive, etc. I don't know it's so compelling. There is a lot of sex in it, though, and there was some pretty gross violence this week (when the hitman was blown up). be honest that's what I think the biggest flaw of the show is--it doesn't need all of this graphic stuff to convince me of how real it is. But let's be real the best part of this week's episode was the use of The Cure's "Siamese Twins" to close the show. You know usually when you hear The Cure it's "Lovesong" or "Just Like Heaven" not the older flawless stuff. Thanks for letting me have my moment. (haha a quick search on tumblr reveals other people were thrilled by this too) No seriously, The Americans and The Walking Dead are my favorite shows right now, so of course they are cable shows with shorter runs, sigh.

In case you missed it, this week I asked what we'll call zombies when the apocalypse happens, shared my thoughts on the fifth season of Six Feet Under and the series as a whole, shared a guest post from Jaclyn Moriarty with a giveaway that's still open, shared my thoughts on Andrea's arc so far this season on The Walking Dead, and talked about a few movies I enjoyed.

Hope you all have a great week!


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