Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life

I was so nervous during the first part of this episode, you guys, I can't even remember the last time I felt this way watching a TV show. It's just that I didn't want Rick to turn Michonne over and it kept seeming like he was going to. I want them to be lovers best friends. I was nervous and jumpy because that would have been a huge turning point for Rick's character and also I love Michonne! So I was really glad he changed his mind. So so glad. I loved both of these characters this episode so much, they were both awesome. But anyway, a few notes.

*Once again, written by Scott Gimple. I think next season could be good.

*Michonne looked so pretty and was so awesome this whole ep. I thought it was interesting how she played both sides of Merle..first pointing out that if he was truly evil he'd feel no guilt and second saying Daryl had a place he didn't, and no one would mourn him. Michonne's instincts are razor sharp but in this case she was wrong, Daryl definitely had feelings about Merle's death. She is so quick thinking and even while tied up was able to kill two zombies, though, as well as easily find her way back to the prison alone.

*I think Michonne will be able to forgive Rick because he didn't actually go through with it. I also think the fact that she didn't think he'd be able to speaks to how well she already knows him. OTP.

*Glenn proposing to Maggie makes me fairly certain that one or both of them won't survive next week.

*Merle was so heartbreaking to me this episode. To be honest, I never really liked the guy. The amount I cared about him was only in relation to how much Daryl cared. But...The Walking Dead doesn't typically waste deaths of significant characters and this was a redemption episode for Merle. Merle's anguish felt real this episode, his struggle to do something that mattered. At first he thought that was bringing Michonne to the Governor because Rick would be unable to and then he decided it was trying to take out some of the Governor's men. His ending was heartbreaking. Daryl finding him zombified was so so sad.

*I love that Rick turned the group back into a democracy and said that he wasn't their governor. I think he both believes what he said, but also doesn't want the weight and guilt of the decisions he's made any more. This is the best thing he can do...he doesn't need to be an island and all alone. Also, Rick not turning over Michonne means Rick is still Rick and not Shane.



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