Thursday, June 12, 2008

LOST Books Challenge

My Friend Amy

Ok, having dipped my toes into the world of book challenges with my Read One Book Challenge, I've decided to host another one! (that one is going spendidly by the way, there's like 4 whole people signed up!)

One of the things you will notice if you watch LOST is that books are displayed everywhere and that characters are named after authors, philosophers, and characters in books. Sawyer is a voracious reader and the Others have a bookclub. If you're a nerd like's a dream come true. This is quite intentional work from the creative team, in fact, on one of the DVD extras they basically said they want to send the message that books are cool.

Well God bless em.

So since we have to wait till 2009 for more LOST (the horror) I thought it would be fun to read some of the books featured or alluded to on the show. I'm somewhat distressed to report that I haven't read many of them, so I have MANY options. I hope you'll join in. In order to make this the most successful and fun challenge that it can be, I want lots of participants. Come know you love LOST! And books! And me!

Here are the rules of the Challenge:

1) Check out this site, and this site and compile a list of 5 books and upwards that you want to read to complete this challenge. (If you know another book mentioned on the show or relating to the show, you can defend your choice in your post) Update: If you have not finished watching the show, please use this list, so as not to be spoiled!
2) Write a post on your blog announcing your intention to participate in the challenge, list the books you want to read, and invite your readers to do the same. Then come back here and add a direct link to your post to Mr. Linky. (not a general link to your url)
3) You are absolutely welcome to cross books from this challenge with books in other challenges.
4) You must complete the challenge by December 31st, 2008.
5) There will be prizes raffled for those who complete the challenge, I just haven't figured out what yet!
6) If you are not a blogger, you can email me your plan to participate and I'll make a post for you right here on my blog...see? I love you too!

Periodically, I'll host another Mr. Linky so you can record your progress and any insights you've learned about the show.

For the not so bookishly or Lostie inclined, I'll be announcing another challenge soon!

Grab the button code here!

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Jen said...

This sounds like a fun idea! I just checked out the list of books and I am going to attempt to read these books:

Catch 22
The Mysterious Island
A Wrinkle in Time
Harry Potter

These are all books I've been meaning to read anyway so this may be just the motivation I need to actually do it! I'll post about it later today.

Thanks for the cool idea! :)

Angie said...

Sounds like fun. I picked out my five books. :)

Amy said...

Thanks for joining in guys..Jen you haven't read Harry Potter?!?

Jen said...

I know, I know. I've never read HP. I'm not really into fantasy that much but I feel like I'm missing out on a whole secret world by never having read it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I like the idea - however, I probably won't join this one. I don't watch LOST (shocked!?) and I am in too many challenges already. Best to you!

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Hi Amy - Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'd LOVE to participate in this challenge, but I have a small problem. See, I'm only up to the end of season two and I don't want to know what happens in season 3 or 4 until I have a chance to watch them. BUT one of the sites with the list of books talks about what happens in season 4 so I had to close that link really quickly! Is there any way to post the list of books to choose from here so I don't spoil season 4 for myself?

Unknown said...

Hi Amy. I'm planning on joining in on the fun but so you know, I haven't watched a Lost episode since it's 1st season. I missed one episode and I couldn't get back into it.

Anyway, I'm trying to convince a friend of mine to do this challenge with me but she had a question. What if we read some of those books, can we use that towards the challenge?

Thanks, Christel

sfdavide said...
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sfdavide said...

Only 5? I want to read them all. LOL. I have a list of 6
The Third Policeman
A Brief History of Time
Evil Under the Sun
Heart of Darkness
Lord of the Flies
Stranger in a Strangeland

sfdavide said...

My blog is

Elizabeth said...

I've never seen LOST, but it sounds like a great idea. I've added a link :)


Mac said...

Hi Amy, this is a cool idea! Thanks for linking to my LOST book list lens. I'm glad to see that it was helpful.

I recently read The Mysterious Island and enjoyed it a lot. For the record...I haven't read Harry Potter yet either.

Stephanie said...

I'm so IN for this challenge. Now I just have to decide on the books to read. It's my favorite TV show for goodness sake!

MeganBritt said...

Joining up for my first Book Challenge! Thanks for hosting!

Stephanie said...

Joining the challenge!

sfdavide said...

There are actually more books on I am going to love this challenge. I am starting with Of Mice and Men.

Amy said...

Hi sfdavide...
I actually carefully went through that Lostpedia list and picked the ones that weren't just interpretation for the updated list. Some of the books on their list aren't actually mentioned on the show or have not been talked about by the producers. :)

Anonymous said...
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The Bookworm said...

sounds like fun!
heres my post:

Anonymous said...

Amy, just wanted to let you know I referenced this Challenge in my recent post about Lost's Book Club. You can read it here:

I don't know if I'll be joining this one, but it's intriguing! :D

Unknown said...

I'd be up for reading the books (I read a lot anyway)... But ya know, I've never seen "Lost" either :-( Sorry, I don't know what to say ::holding head down in shame:: Lol.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I somewhat disagree with you culling titles the list on LOSTpedia. For example, I'm the user over at LOSTpedia who added the entry on "The Moon Pool" (which I've constantly have had to defend from deletion). I emailed one of the writers on LOST via his LJ account --animation script writer and comic book author Paul Dini-- and asked whether or not allusions or sly references were made to books that aren't physically shown per se and he answered "he answer would lie with Damon Lindelof, who is a big fantasy/science fiction reader and who often peppers his scripts with allusions to them. I would drop around to the Fuselage (the website set up for fans to ask direct questions to the LOST creators) and ask Damon yourself. However, as Damon's a tricky guy, he may not give you a direct answer, or one you might have to figure out for yourself."

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Amy - I thought I remember you saying you were extending the deadline for this challenge ... is that right, or is it my imagination?
- Heather

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! I'm picking out my 5 and will post them on my blog. Does it count if I've aleady read some of these?? Just kidding--I would assume not

Literature Crazy said...

Thought you might want to add the link on to the LOST book club... they've got some books that weren't referenced on either of the other two sites in your post.

Thanks for sponsoring this contest. I'm seriously stoked for the premiere of LOST.

Sherry said...

I' m already doing this challenge, but I've sort of lost momentum. So I clicked on the button in your side bar and thought it might motivate me to read some more LOST books. I'll be glad when LOST starts up again next year. I miss Hurley.

Sherry said...

My original LOST challenge post:

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