Monday, May 5, 2008

Ten CDs I Love: #1--Sarah Brightman

Time for a new music series! I thought about calling this ten CDs in my permanent collection but that was too long. But that's what these this day and age of iTunes and stealing music..I own the hard copies of all of these fair and square. These are in no certain order. I'm hoping to tie this into Music Monday when possible so as not to bore you to death with music posts.

I really love Sarah Brightman, but my favorite of all of her cds is the Classics cd. It combines the more classical recordings she has done...not so much the pop stuff. So much gorgeous music. I've been listening to it a lot lately and I think I'm getting smarter as a result! Okay, maybe not, but one can only hope.

I've had the good fortune of seeing Sarah perform the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber live and that's where I first heard this song. I think it's so beautiful...sad and sweet. So for your listening enjoyment...Pie Jesu.

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