Monday, May 5, 2008

The Ugly Truth

Tomorrow, I have a guest post from author Pamela Binnings Ewen, whose book The Moon in the Mango Tree I loved and enjoyed greatly. You can read my review here.

Today, though, I want to point you to this editorial, because I agree with it so much. And because we need to be reminded of the truth behind these headlines and the stories these women carry. I was especially struck by this statistic: " 'Every reliable study of women working in prostitution finds that more than 90 percent have been victims of childhood sexual assault," said DePaul University College of Law researcher Jody Raphael. "Most entered the sex trade in their teens, after fleeing abuse and having no other way to support themselves. Many are alcohol and drug dependent."

These things are related only in that deal with issues facing women, The Moon in the Mango Tree is not about prostitution!


Dewey said...

I suppose after, say, being molested by Uncle Rapist every day for god knows how long, actually getting paid for pretty much the same thing looks like a good deal. Then its probably a vicious cycle: you take drugs to get through it, and then you're addicted to drugs so you have to keep doing it to get more drugs.

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