Friday, May 23, 2008

My Brain is Dead

For real. But tonight all my stuff should be from point A to point B. Yay!

And then I'm going to sleep for three straight days before getting rid of half my clothes, because WOW do I ever have a lot.

Anyway, I don't think the writer's strike helped television much. I am just not feeling the tv shows anymore. For example, I lost interest in Ugly Betty, Bones had the worst twist ever (which I actually predicted based on one rumor I read that a certain actor was leaving the show), and I just couldn't get excited about Meredith and Derek being together. This means come next year, I'll have more time to read! Ha. Also, I'm worried about LOST. I'm hoping that it won't disappoint. At least David Cook won American Idol.

It rained here yesterday and we had tornadoes!! Isn't that weird????? It's 50 degrees outside and last weekend it was 103. This is the kind of stuff that makes you warming.

And finally, I just finished a really great and heartwarming debut novel by Sherri Sand called Leave it to Chance. If you head over to The Friendly Book Nook you can see how you can win a copy of the book and a five dollar gift card to Starbucks.

I have a lot of blog posts in development, I really do, that are hopefully about a thousand times better than this one. Once my life is back to normal, i.e. internet is up and running and I've tossed half my clothes from the window, I'll be back for discussion!

Have a great weekend everyone! What are your plans?


Unknown said...

I agree with you about tv! I watched the finale of Grey's. It was ok. Mainly I watch Reality shows!! I KNOW I KNOW!!! They're awful, but I love em...

As far as this weekend, I'll be at my son's basketball playoffs tomorrow and have no plans for Sunday...

Hope YOU have some fun!lol

Tarasview said...

We're putting in our garden this weekend :)

Jen said...

We just got back from a "not so fun" weekend at the beach. I blame global warming (or lack of) since we were freezing the whole time.

I totally agree about Meredith and Derek and the Grey's finale. That last scene of her standing around all the stupid candles. Where did she even get all those candles anyway? Annoying!

Sherri Sand said...

I hope your brain is functioning once more. Love your dry humor!

Thanks for mentioning my book! I appreciate it!

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