Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Stuff You've Been Dying to Know!

Tagged by Jen of Daily Mish Mash (which I hope you're reading)

Four Jobs I've Held:
1) Sales Associate at a card and party shop. Ooodles of fun. It's where I finally learned how to tie a balloon at age 16.
2) Telemarketer. For hearing exams. Everyone would say "what? I can't hear you?" And think they were the funniest person on the planet and absolutely original. I'd only heard that joke 25 times already that day.
3) Custodian. Worst. Year. Of. My. Life. Ok, maybe not that bad, but let's get real. It was only part time, like an hour a day, but I hated it.
4) Conversational English Instructor. Love it.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1) French Kiss. I even went to a Sacred Romance conference once and learned exactly why this movie is my favorite. It's terribly deep. If you're dying of curiosity, ask me!
2) Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Love it. Always get chills during the church scene at the end.
3) The Joy Luck Club. So cathartic. I just weep at the scene at the end when her momma says, "I see you" But the whole thing is fascinating and depressing.
4) Little Women. Jo March was and always will be one of my greatest literary heroes. I love this movie! (and book)

Four Places I've Lived:

1) Mason City, Iowa.
2) St. Louis, MO
3) Tokyo, Japan
4) Toccoa, Georgia

Four TV Shows I Like:

2) The Closer
3) 24
4) American Idol

Four Favorite Foods:

1) Potatoes
2) Suki Yaki
3) Korean Barbeque
4) Teppanyaki

Four Places I Would Rather Be:

1) Scotland. I've always wanted to go.
2) The Beach. It's beautiful today. If I could teleport and skip traffic, I'd so be there.
3) Costa Rica. Visiting my sister and delivering a bunch of books to her!
4) Australia. I need to go visit old friends.

Tagging four People:
I'm going to do this a little differently.
I'm going to tag two bloggers and two non-bloggers. Non-bloggers can answer in comments. Anyone else can join in as well!
Bloggers: Julie P aka Booking Mama
Non-bloggers: Leah (my sister)


Julie P. said...

Thanks for including me!

Jen said...

I'm jealous of all the cool places you've lived. I would love to hear about why you like French Kiss so much (maybe post about it sometime or if you already have let me know). Thanks for playing along!

Amy said...

Thanks for playing Julie!
Jen...I wouldn't exactly call Mason City Iowa cool, but I will blog about French Kiss at some point.

ldperez said...

Four Jobs I've Held:
1) mcdonald's employee - well, it was the only place that would hire at age 15.
2) christian book store employee - much more fun and not as greasy.
3) the library at my university - too quiet and a little boring putting all those books away.
4) cook for Portantorchas (small bible school of about 30 students) - this is where i really learned to cook and it was a creative outlet. it was also fun to work with the other cooks who were my friends.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1) Emma - I LOVE the characters in this book/movie

2) Regarding Henry - sweet movie

3) The Godfather, part one - not a typical girl movie, but it brings you into a totally different and, to me, interesting culture.

4) About a Boy - "I was singing with my eyes closed!" I laugh so hard every time at this scene. Again, a sweet movie.

Four Places I've Lived:

1)Mason City, Iowa.
2)St. Louis, MO.
3)Columbia, SC.
4)San Jose, Costa Rica

Four TV Shows I Like:

2) the Office
3) Seinfeld
4) CSI: Las Vegas

Four Favorite Foods:

1) pizza
2) ceaser salad
3) chocolate
4) lasagna

Four Places I'd Rather Be:

1) doing lunch and shopping with my sister and mom
2) Austin, TX
3) Starbucks
4) a bookstore

Amy said...


Thanks for doing it! :) I like those movies, too. I never really got Seinfeld, which, I know makes me very uncool.

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