Thursday, May 15, 2008

Battle of the Davids, LOST tonight

So it's going to be a battle of the Davids as was predicted somewhere around the top ten! Go David Cook, we love you!

In other news, I (a relatively new LOST fan) found the major spoiler site. And I'm conflicted. So, yes, you now know my full geekery in that I read forums for television shows from time to time...especially those that tend to have plot twists and kill people off because I like to know what the other fans are thinking. (I haven't been on one in awhile, but I thought I'd check out LOST's and they've really changed Television Without Pity! It's huge now!)

I also know the major 24 spoiler site and used to read it and get spoiled. Not always, though. Like, can you imagine how much less fun it would have been in S5 if I had known Logan was behind it all.

It's called being American and having no sense of delayed gratification.

So, I haven't read the spoilers but I'm getting darned worried that Sayid is in that coffin. I will not be happy if Sayid or Desmond is in the coffin. Let me say it again. I. WILL. NOT. BE. HAPPY. (truthfully, my time is probably up, though. the only character that's been killed off that I was really attached to was Mr. Eko and maybe Charlie but we had a lot of time to prepare for that one)

If I keep reading that site I can probably find out. This is going to be a huge exercise in patience for me. Because the moment I know...I will want to unknow. Do you get what I'm saying?

Who do you think is in the coffin? Do you read spoilers for shows? Which David are your rooting for?

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