Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cindy Morgan's Beautiful Bird

When it comes to Christian music, few compare to Cindy Morgan. I have many fond memories of her music, after all she was the free concert my college had when I went there for campus preview in high school. I met her briefly at the time and she was pure graciousness.

Her album, The Loving Kind, is one of my most beloved themed CDs. I love the song about The Lord's Supper especially, as it communicates a bit of what the mood must have been like so beautifully. I have all of her cds and her book.

So, when the opportunity to be a part of the blog tour for her new album came up, I jumped at the chance. Please note that I am no music expert. So this is completely the review of a fan and lover of music who knows very little if anything about the technical aspects of it.
The stand-out tracks for me are "Lay Me Down" which has a spiritual sound. I absolutely believe that I'll be listening to this about a million times in a row once I own it. It has such a great feel to it. LOVE.

I also really like the beautiful "The Sun Shines Through" which is a song about having hope during the difficult times in life. It's got a really gorgeous sound and I imagine will be a true comfort to many.

I also really loved the songs "In These Rooms" and "Most of All"

There are also some songs with a pleasant pop sound to them, like "Fine" and "I Wish" that I imagine will be good fun listening to with the windows rolled down on a sunny day when I'm out for a drive. :)

"Lion and the Lamb" is an interesting song with a sort of ethereal feel that seems to be about a renewed earth.

Overall, I actually probably like this album better than the last few Cindy Morgan albums. I think I will be listening to quite a bit.

These are my initial thoughts. But CD reviews are different for me than book reviews because I need time to let the songs seep in and become a part of my life. I have no doubt that will happen with this album.

This album will be available on iTunes Monday May 20 or at


Elizabeth said...

Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your kind comments on my new blog - takes away a little of the anxiety. =) I, also, love Cindy Morgan, so it was fun to get an advanced review of her new CD. Thanks!

Unknown said...

...or you can purchase Beautiful Bird directly from Cindy Morgan's official nimbit Online Merch Table! This is simply a portable version of the store on her website. Feel free to put it in your own blogs and websites by clicking the icon at the top of the widget with 2 arrows and copying the html code!

-Matt D'Alessio
Nimbit Music

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