Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Live Blogging Idol Top 9

The show starts off with the lamest April Fools joke ever, though a Moment of Truth with Simon might actually get me to watch that show!

Meet Dolly! She's been doing this for-ev-er. Aw, Dolly has no children. Her songs are her kids! Hmmm. The Idols join in a group rendition of 9-5.

Brooke is up first with "Jolene" Dolly thought she was really good! What will I think?
I think this is a good song choice for Brooke. I like this song...I don't really know Dolly's songs. I love violins. A good performance, I think, but nothing electrifying. Paula is babbling about emotional connection. Simon says..uh, no emotional connection.

David Cook is next! Oh wow, American Idol is trying to satisfy the very annoying Doxology by making David mention he borrowed a bit from them. (I think it's ridiculous that they are getting all up in arms over their interpretation of someone else's song) I don't know this song, "Little Sparrow" Dolly likes David. Don't we all? Well,I liked it. I think I'll buy it off itunes. (has anyone else been buying these? they're really good!)

Ramiele is next...Dolly thinks she's cute. Oh boy, another boring song that doesn't distinguish Rami in the least. Doesn't matter. She's got mad fans.

Jason Castro has some fan mail...a bunch from one girl! He is not singing "I Will Always Love You" as rumored. (I admit, I'm relieved) I kind of like this song and it suits Jason. Not a bad performance. Simon disagrees with me. But as all of us who watch this show know..Simon hates country music and really doesn't give good comments during country week!

Carly picks a song Dolly didn't write. It sounds like a pretty song. Carly sounds good and it's a pretty song, but again nothing really outstanding. Simon picks on her wardrobe. What do you all think?

Simon says he loves country music. I think he's right about this night, so far nothing has been exciting.

David Archuleta is singing "Smoky Mountain Memories" Dolly feels David gets her song. That is really cool and a great compliment to him. I think this is a pretty song and David sings it beautifully. He picked a good ole emotional song and that was smart, I think.

Kristy Lee Cook should be awesome because she's been doing country. Now this sounds like a country song to me. In other words, I don't really like it. I guess she sounds ok, but this isn't a song anyone can really grab onto is it? I do agree with Paula that she looks nice tonight. I agree with Simon...totally forgettable. Why is she blowing a kiss to Simon? (she's sort of coming off as a brat)

Syesha: is going to sing "I Will Always Love You" I knew it!! (Idol gives back is next week...aaah!) Oh, hi Vanna White! So far, very simple. Ok, a little bit of kick here. Wow!! Long note!!! Lung power! I do agree with Randy about ever hearing someone else sing that...Whitney has such a rich voice and sounds so beautiful on that song. Overall, not as awesome as it could have been, but not bad.

YES! The Moment of Truth season is over tomorrow! I'm so tired of hearing about that show.

Michael: "It's all Wrong, but it's all right" Dolly compliments him by saying she'd like to write songs for him! Michael sounds good tonight..nothing tremendously exciting, but still good and enjoyable. (kind of a sexy performance)

Interesting week....my faves were the Davids and Michael. What say you?


Megan said...

I think Jason sounded better than he has in a while. I was very happy with the performance.

I actually liked that they talked about the whole David C arrangement thing and also that he arranged Sparrow himself. So wonderful I tell you.

Micheal sounded good. It is great that he went last because I think it is the only way he is not going to get upstaged by David C.

Amy said...

I guess it clears everything up and puts it to rest that they talked about it. I read somewhere that Doxology said he did a note for note cover of their cover but tonight he said he combined two arrangements so I wonder if they'll still have something to say about that?

Sara said...

Thanks for doing this, I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

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Sally said...

Actually although David C. is my overall favorite, I really liked Michael tonight.

Megan said...

"For the first time, David Cook wasn't able to rock steady.

The American Idol contestant was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital following Tuesday night's performance show after experiencing what were likely stress-related heart palpitations."
Read More

Amy said...

I'm so glad he's ok! btw, did you all like his new haircut?

Megan said...

I don't LOVE the new haircut actually. But we will see next week. The different thing I didn't like about him might have been more because he wasn't feeling well than the hair.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Wow, Simon just doesn't like country music, does he? I don't either, but he seems to lose all objectivity when critiquing it.

Brooke - I'm a Brooke fan. I think she did the right thing with the right song. She's not trying to be something she's not. It sounded good.

David C. - Solid once again. Showed some nice vocal range.

Ramiele - Actually, a tad better than I've seen her perform in a while. But still way out of her league this season.

Jason - For me, one of the best things he's done. His past vocals were weak and I thought this was a better showing, a good blend with his general style.

Carly - Pretty good. A bit plain and vanilla, but vocally strong. She has changed her look somehow (her hair and eyes, I think), I like this new look better.

David A. - This kid can sing. Good song choice, well-performed.

Kristy - Finally a genre right up her alley. I thought she did pretty well. As I've said before, I can see her doing OK in country music after Idol is over. But I'm with you about her attitude. Lately she seems like sort of a snotty brat. Not becoming at all.

Syesha - Loved the way she started it, not trying to Whitney-fy the song at first. Hated that she went for the whole Whitney sound on the second half. Unless you're as good or better than Whitney on such a ubiquitous song, I think it's a mistake. I still think Syesha has a strong voice, but I'm just not a fan of anything she's done.

Michael - Wow, really sounds like he's in his element with this. Best use of a Dolly Parton song all night, giving it a bluesy twist.

Considering this was the country music week, overall it wasn't that bad. I expect to see Syesha and Kristy join Ramiele in going home over the next few weeks.

Then it'll be a weekly dogfight with song choice and performance being very critical, and somebody good going home each week.

Amy said...

I hope you're right, that it will be Syesha and Kristy Lee leaving next. That will leave us with a pretty good top six.

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