Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Andrew Peterson Week Winners

I forgot to announce these before, so here goes:

Bison 61

Thanks to all for entering!

By the way, when I first started entering giveaways on blogs I won a bunch. Lately, I haven't won anything! :( Beginner's luck works in this situation as well, I guess.

But in good news, Katrina at Stone Soup has a Monday book giveaway. She also has a great blog. I won (in a manner of speaking) a copy of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson from her which I can't wait to read. Anyway, check out her giveaway if you are interested and tell her I sent you. ;)


Thomas said...

I did not win? How can that be? lol

I hope that you all enjoy your AP prize. I believe that Andrew Peterson is a very gifted singer song writer who does not get the credit he deserves.


Amy said...

sorry Thomas! Do you want my once-read copy? (I bought an autographed one)

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