Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Idol Top 10

I didn't blog while watching the show tonight because I didn't watch at home. However, such is the addiction of blogging that I was mentally writing a post while watching. Sigh.

Ramiele: I'm not sure why she chose this song. Apparently, Carly already sang it this season. (it obviously wasn't that memorable for me) but it's one of the performances that is well beloved by the most successful Idol ever..Carrie Underwood. Unfortunately, Ramiele sounds terrible. Truth be told, I have really wanted to like Ramiele all season, but she just hasn't had a performance where she was AWESOME. So if she goes home tomorrow, it will be okay with me.

Jason: Jason sings a great song, but I agree with the judges, it's just not that exciting. Going second and sounding bland are not going to be in his favor come tomorrow. He does have gorgeous eyes, though, so maybe that will keep him in.

Syesha: I wish Syesha would sing a likeable song. Whenever she chooses one of the show-off-my-vocal-powers sort of songs, I just don't like the songs. She sounds good, but if it was a more likeable ballad it would have been better for me. Just sayin.

Chikezie: Tries to go with his gut and sing a ballad. Judges are unimpressed. I still love me some Chikezie, but I'm a bit underwhelmed as well. These sort of cheesy ballads are not my cup of tea. (see above)

Brooke: A couple of weeks ago, Paula said Brooke should have brought in the band. I think she heeded that advice this week to poor results. I agree that if she had kept with just her and that piano all would have been better. I really liked the beginning of the song. I still think Brooke is someone I would listen to outside of the Idol world.

Michael: Honestly, I enjoyed it but I don't think I was impressed as the judges. I do think he showed good energy, I'm sure it was good fun live.

Carly: My college drama group used to do a mime to this song! I still love this song for that reason. ;) I would have thought this would be a good song for Carly, but she does. not. sound. good. (shouty or something?) I also think she makes some strange expressions when she sings.

David A.: I do love David, but this performance is cheesetastic. Nuff said.

Kristy: First of all, Simon knows this country and I agree with him that this was a clever choice. Then he went overboad trying to align himself with Americans. This is an anecdote of being a PK for you...I used to think the words were...."I won't forget the man who died who gave that right to me" I mean, because obviously when we were talking about someone dying for me, there was only one Man right? ;) I think she was pitchy, but there are plenty of people who get goosebumps everytime they hear this song..I think she'll stay around.

David C.: Let me put it this way. I think David has solidified his position as my favorite. I've liked him every week and tonight? He was AWESOME! Now if only he can come up with something clever for Andrew Lloyed Weber week..(Memories rock style anyone?)

What did you all think?


Milk in the Closet said...

Totally agree with you about Ramiele. Why would she choose this song? Especially when she's not feeling well. I actually do remember the Carrie Underwood performance, which says a lot since it was a few years back.

I actually liked Jason. I think that the people who like his style will like what he does every week, as long as he doesn't pick a loser song. I just wish he would open his mouth more when he sings. It's awkward how he sings sometimes.

I really like Brooke's voice, but she seems awkward to me sometimes. It's like she doesn't quite know what to do.

Totally agree with you about Michael and Carly and Kristy.

David A... well, I didn't know the song. But what I liked about it was that it seemed like he really believed what he was saying. I notice that he tries to pick songs he can get behind (most of the time) and sing from his heart. So, while I think it was cheesy also, I thought it was sincere. He just is so young!

David C...WOW!! When he first started singing, I recognized the lyrics, but couldn't place the melody. I said to my hub, "I like this song, but what is it?" I thought he was AMAZING, and I have not been a huge fan of his. Until now!

I just realized how long this comment is. Perhaps I should write my own post?? LOL..sorry.

Milk in the Closet said...



Megan said...

Let me be honest Ramiele is talents but I have never liked listening to her. When she sings I walk out of the room, she just can't hold my attention. Even if she does do something amazing, I wouldn't notice.

Still like Brook and Jason, but they have faded to the background (check my comments on last weeks post.)

I think Kristy was great and will stay around. I didn't notice that it was "pitchy" that is what a great performance can do. It sweeps you up so that you forget the bad parts. She sounded so good compared to the train wreck she has been since the beginning.

There is something I don't like about Carly. I read somewhere how she already had a record deal and already failed to impress the public at that time. Maybe that is part of it, maybe nothing has changed. I thought at the end of the sound she was going to really let it all out and live up to her hype, but she didn't. She sounded aweful.

Michael I enjoyed more than you did. It was his best performance of the show or at least lately. But he should have peaked last week because he was totally upstaged by David C.

DC was TOTALLY amazing (see my comments on last week's post.) He was so amazing my mind just went blank thinking about it. Oh, he didn't seem anywhere near as cocky to me as he did last week. I think he did Eleanore Rigby and it maybe gave him some false sense of something, and he faltered last week. He was still good but not amazing. This season we are not expecting anything less than amazing. I think he got knocked a little off kilter by what Simon said (aka thought about what he said and possibly agreed with him.) But he was great this week. And I might have a little crush, can you tell?

I always miss when they say what they are doing next week, miss it or forget about it. But as far as ALW (who I LOVE), Jesus Christ Superstar has some great music that would be perfect for DC. But that may be too conventional, and if he does rock out Memories I am going to laugh so hard because you said it first.

As for doing my own post...you may be seeing a completely DC dedicated post sometime soon. :)

Amy said...

Megan, you're right, Jesus Christ Superstar does have some good material. They didn't say it's next week, I was just thinking that it's going to be a hard week for a lot of people.

i have that same feeling about Carly. It's like this is a last ditch effort to do music and she just seems defeated.

Go David C.!

Sally said...

Wow! I'm excited to see all who love David Cook! I think he is incredible! I don't even know half the songs he sings, but his voice is awesome! I like Brooke too, just getting tired of her face when the judges are critiquing (sp?) her. She always looks like she will break down in tears. I also like Michael and David A., but David A. is just a little young and his voice will continue to change for a while. Hey, isn't David Cook from Missouri???

Chaotic Hammer said...

OK, I watched the recorded show last night, so I've allowed myself to read this post now.

You're scaring me a little, because you and I are really thinking a lot alike on these.

Ramiele - I've given up on Ramiele doing anything impressive. She's way out of her league, a karaoke singer among professionals. I have no idea why she hasn't been Bottom Three yet.

Jason - just not a great vocalist, so as we discussed before, he will have to hope the "screaming girls" factor will continue to work for him.

Syesha - You nailed it. She has a nice voice, but nothing to make her stand out. Needs to be more genuine and emotive, less pop diva.

Chikezie - The judges warned him about what does and doesn't work for him. On the weeks where he did the right kind of song, he was amazing. With so much talent this season, song choice is everything.

Brooke - You nailed it again. I would also listen to Brooke outside of Idol. She's not perfect, but her flaws are part of her charm.

Michael - Isn't it funny that his two best performances have been Queen songs? He does not have a Freddy Mercury type voice at all, but for some reason these work well for him.

Carly - She had a few brief flashes of brilliance with this song. I can see what she could or should have done with it. But yeah, there were some really bad parts to the actual performance. I'm starting to wonder about her.

David A - Yep, cheesetastic. I'm starting to wonder if his age and relative inexperience are going to hurt him in this competition. Still a bright future at any rate.

Kristy - At least she knows what her genre is, and who her target audience is. I still think that she might do OK in country music when Idol is done.

David C - I'll comment on your other post about him.

Amy said...

I have to tell you I felt a little bad for David A. last night. I was reading another recap where the reviewer was disgusted by the switch from the innocence of David to the calculating move of Kristy. (someone else likened Kristy singing that song to Haley pulling out her legs last year--well that's the show, I guess) He did seem to believe in the song. I agree, bright future in any case.

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