Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Cook

Dear Non-Idol watching readers:

I know you don't watch American Idol, but I think you'll really enjoy this video of my favorite Idol this year.


Megan said...

So I have gotten a little obsessive with David Cook. I find myself thinking about him when Idol isn't on and hearing him sing in my head. I have gone back and watched/listened to almost all of his music throughout the season. And I found this cute little banner that said "David Cook had me at Hello" or something similar.

He didn't become my favorite with Hello but it was the first time I sat up and was like who is this?

Chaotic Hammer said...

Generally, you can tell early on who will and will not make it deep into the competition. I would have rated David Cook as Top 5 or 6, but was not expecting him to become such a standout.

Week after week, he has done amazing things with his song arrangements and vocals. He has been extremely consistent. He keeps taking risks and they keep paying off.

I think there is a potential danger in him taking a risk at some point and it falling completely apart. But unless that happens, he's definitely become the one to watch out for. Furthermore, because he has been consistent and started building a fan base, he can probably skate by with a couple of bad weeks anyway.

Amy said...

Megan, you make me laugh. :)

CH, Next week is Dolly and so that should be interesting. I think the biggest challenge for everyone will be Andrew Lloyd Weber week.

Some of the early frontrunners have disappointed thus far, so it's been an interesting year.

Megan said...

I am happy I make you laugh because I am starting to scare myself with my groupieness.

Amy said...

Megan...well it is called American IDOL for a reason....;)

Megan said...

Amy -
I guess you are right about the Idol thing. The truth is that I have never been swept into Idol mania before. I have watched the beginning of maybe 3 seasons until a few weeks in and my favorite person get voted off. This is a new experience for me.

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