Friday, April 20, 2007

Weird Day

Today is kind of a weird day. Reasons why:

1) It's raining. That's kind of rare. I mean I love it. Truth be told, I miss those rainy midwestern days quite a lot. But here, it's rare. They've even put up a sign on the door with a raindrop. In case we missed the fact by looking through the glass door. Ahem.

2) They did some construction on the building. My first session was so noisy we could barely hear ourselves talk. First thing on a Friday morning, construction right outside my room? After my student and I gave up on accomplishing anything, I went outside to check out what was going on. They installed a railing along the handicap ramp. (would have been nice to have that when I had the gout) Very random.

3) All of these adults have forgotten how to use their inside voices. There are meetings galore going on in here, (my room is right next to two conference rooms) For some reason, no one can communicate without shouting. This is not conducive to learning. I've thrown in the towel on having any sort of structured lesson today. I've been helping the students with random English/work related issues or just engaging in free conversation with them. They love it.

4) They've turned the temperature down to arctic levels. Not that unusual. But with the rain, it all just feels a bit bizarre. I mean, seriously, my nose turned red.

So it's a bit of a bustling busy strange cold and wet Friday. How is Friday going where you are?


yzorderrox said...

Kind of sucks for the construction workers that it was raining.

My Friday was ideal. I went up to Breck for some late season snowboarding (it was about 60 degrees at 9000ft) and then played some frisbee. Now I'm relaxing.

~ jen ~ said...

They had to put up a sign with a raindrop on it? Somehow, I'm not all that surprised....

ldperez said...

my friday was ok . . .my kids are finally on the way to getting healthy - all 3 of them! But, we've had such a very dry summer (yes, summer) that we are short on water here in CR and that is proving to be a problem for our electricity supply so now they are rationing our electricity. Hubby and I watched Little Miss Sunshine last night on his laptop! Good movie by the way.

Amy said...

Matt...does sound ideal. i hope you didn't play frisbee by all the duck poop. kidding. crazy place.

Leah...I love Little Miss Sunshine. sorry to hear about the dryness though. that's unusual, isn't it?

~ jen ~ said...


You had to put the "poop" word on here, didn't you? I have rediscovered my 2-year old mentality, where words like "poop" and "booger" and, *gulp* "butt" make me giggle like mad. Uh, yeah, and Sam, too. Yeah, Sam, too, ;-)

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