Sunday, April 22, 2007


I used to work as a marketing research assistant. In other words, I conducted telephone surveys. So, when I get a telephone survey, I try to help out if I can. I know how much quicker the time goes at work when people do the surveys.
I did one today for NBC about the presidential election. It was the first time ever that anyone asked me if I approved of the president's job. Just saying. You always see polls and numbers but no one had ever asked me. (now if only Nielsen would contact me!)
Unfortunately, I wasn't so good at answering the rest of the questions. We don't vote till 08 but they wanted to know what I thought about all of the various presidential candidates. I didn't know who they were! But!! They did ask me about abortion and the supreme court upholding the ban on partial birth abortion. And they asked about what issues were most important for the next president. So it was really interesting and inspired me to start paying attention to the presidential race as it progresses. Just in case someone else asks.


Chaotic Hammer said...

We actually got picked to do the Nielsen ratings for a couple of weeks about a year ago. It was interesting, I was always curious to see how it worked and what was involved.

It's basically just a little booklet (like a journal) with a list of channels and times, and you show a line for each member of your household as far as who watched which show at which time, when the TV was switched on and off, etc.

By the end of the survey, it started to seem a little tedious, but we went ahead and completed all the information as accurately as we could.

It seemed like a pretty "manual" method for gathering this sort of data. Seems like they could have some sort of electronic monitoring or something more automated, or something. But I guess if it works, there's no reason to change it.

ldperez said...

i have been vaguely paying attn to who is running for the '08 election. doesn't seem like any good choices so far. . .what else is new?

Amy said...

CH--are you serious about Nielson? Sounds tedious.

Leah, I know what you mean. Besides, it's a little bit early for me to have an informed decision yet. I mean, seriously.

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