Thursday, April 19, 2007

American Idol----SPOILER

Ok, I put that spoiler bit in the subject line in the off chance someone reads this who is unaware of last night's results show, and wants the mystery to be kept.

I would like to say that Sanjaya is a great role model. Seriously. This seventeen year old kid, who is by no means stupid or untalented was made to be the laughingstock of the country on American Idol thus far. The media delighted in mocking him and rabid fans of the show fantasized about throwing things at him if given the chance. He got called all sorts of names. Simon couldn't give him a kind word since his audition.

Yet, week after week, he grinned. He came out with new ways to entertain the audience and make himself stand out with various hairstyles. He never seemed down about the atrocious negative press he recieved. Even now, he says he chooses to focus on the positive. There are some who might say he is deluded. I would like to say that he is a great role model for never losing yourself and always believing in yourself. He has a sort of self-confidence I wonder at. Good for him. I hope he gets some great opportunities in the future.


Chaotic Hammer said...

I agree that it's good he kept up a good attitude in the face of such adversity.

But strictly from a competition standpoint, since the goal of the show is to find the most talented and marketable singer, I have to admit that I was glad to see him go.

Seriously, it was getting painful to watch. It was sad, because he was still smiling and keeping up a good attitude, but when he would sing, it was like watching a karaoke singer on the same stage as professional singers.

I don't ever keep up with "entertainment news", so I admit that I didn't know about all the mean-spirited publicity that you say he was getting. But in a way, that makes it even worse that he kept making it round after round -- it's sort of like if a bunch of popular kids are having a party, and they invite some really unlikely person, who thinks he is there because they all like him, but doesn't realize that the real reason they have him there is so that they can make fun of him, and make him the butt of their jokes.

In that sense, all the Vote for the Worst pranksters and everyone else who voted for him just to keep him in the competition were really doing it to be cruel -- though I don't doubt that there were plenty of legitimate votes for him, from tween girls and others who found him likable.

Amy said...

I agree that it was probably time for him to go. I would have been annoyed if LaKisha had gone before him. But I must admit there are only a few left that I like, and the men seem pretty weak. I think Phil might have just paved the way for himself with country though.

I also agree that VFTW was a bit cruel. I get their point, but they take things over the top.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Totally agree about the men being weak this season. I think this became apparent almost as soon as the Top 12 really got going.

I also agree with you (and Simon) that what Phil did this week was far and away the most convincing thing we've seen from him so far. I can't imagine him being in the top three or four, but if marketed well, he should be able to make a fair run of a career in country music.

It might be a bit of a shame for the three strong-voiced females, I think any one of them is better than all three of the males, but because of the way the votes tend to split, some really good singers will be eliminated between now and the finals.

I think Melinda is the most professional, polished, and talented of them all, but after this week, I'm noticing that I've really got a soft spot for Jordin. Her youthful enthusiasm and very strong voice are pretty cool.

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