Thursday, December 21, 2006

Woe is Me

I have a severe pain in my ankle that came to me Tuesday. I woke up and my ankle hurt. I assumed I had injured it somehow, and went to work. I could walk on it, but it wasn't ideal.

And then Wednesday came. I could suddenly not put any weight on my foot. I went to the urgent care center, where they took an x-ray and some blood. I have yet to hear the official diagnosis. But I suspect the gout. If it's the gout, then I can suddenly rest assured of just how special I am, because the gout in women of my age is extremely rare.

I can barely walk. I barely made it to work today, and I'm praying up a storm about how I'm going to leave.

So if you are walking comfortably on two feet today, say a prayer of thanks to the good Lord. You are indeed blessed.


kathryn said...

oh, poor Amy! Feel better!!! eek. . gout. . good, old-fashioned thing to get, eh?! bet it doesn't feel so great though. .

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