Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Miracles

Christmas is the time for miracles, for wonder and awe! Each Christmas a new assortment of books are released celebrating the wonder of this special time, a fresh flood of tv movies comes on encouraging us to find the good in life, and maybe we all also have a secret hope of a Christmas miracle for ourselves. Christmas does after all, fall at the end of the year, a natural time to reflect on our lives and place a marker in our journeys. A natural time to hope for something out of the ordinary to happen.

I have never had a huge Christmas miracle, but I had a little one. The year I moved back to the States from Japan, I had purchased all of my presents in Asia and shipped them. And then I waited for them to arrive. Everday, I waited anxiously for them to arrive and they did not. I started to worry about my lack of Christmas presents, especially since it was a rare Christmas with my nieces. And then...December 24th, the mailman arrives with all five large boxes of Christmas presents (and other belongings). To me, it was a little Christmas miracle.

Do you have a Christmas miracle story?


kathryn said...

That seems like a pretty big Christmas miracle!!! You were sweating it out. . then at the very last minute all the gifts arrived!!! That's cool!

I have a Christmas miracle story. Several years ago i was told that i had thyroid cancer. I had surgery a couple of weeks before Christmas. . and upon my discharge from hospital i was told that the pathology results came back as showing not even one cell of cancer! I asked my surgeon how this could be. . and he said "I don't know, but I know you're going to have a Merry Christmas!" I said: "I know -- this was God's doing." I thanked that doctor and hugged him . . i was beyond relieved. . pure joy! I'll never forget that Christmas. wow!

Amy said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas indeed!

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