Friday, December 22, 2006

Last Minute Gifts

First a quick note to everyone....your Christmas cards/gifts will be late again this year. Sorry!

Thankfully, my Christmas shopping is done since I can't really walk and it's too late to order online goods anymore. What kind of a Christmas shopper is everyone out there? Last minute? Christmas Eve? Or gifts purchased and wrapped before December 1st?

If you are stuck without a gift to give for Christmas you can still purchase online gift cards. If you want to toss a little bit of a personal touch into it, you can opt for a magazine subscription or a subscription to a service like this.

Happy frantic last minute shopping everyone!


kathryn said...

i had mine done the first week in December. . but not wrapped. . it still isn't all wrapped! I hate that! My daughter is my wrapping angel!!!

Amy said...

I hate wrapping!

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