Friday, September 8, 2006

Living Your Dream?

Ok, I stole this a bit from Shlog, but it's such an interesting thing to think about.

There are aspects of my job that I love. I love helping people better their lives. I love working with people one-on-one and building relationships with them. I love that if I need some supples they are easily at my fingertips because I work for a company and not a school. I love that when I first started, my brain was stretched and forced to see things in a whole new way. I love that I have a lot of freedom.

But there are things I don't like.

I don't like working solo and not on a team. (hopefully we'll find another tutor) I don't like that there's not really much room for growth after completing the first year of training. It's a system that once you get down, that's it. I don't like that I'm located in Southern California USA, and not a different country. I don't like dealing with people who don't appreciate the gift that is being given to them. I don't like making reports and compiling data.

But, what would my dream job be? Sometimes I think I know, but truthfully, I'm not sure. I know that this isn't it. It works for right now, but I couldn't do this forever, and feel satisfied. I love teaching in a non-conventional way, I love offering a service to people and I love internationals. And that's about all I know.

My friends are doing all sorts of different things. A couple are doing things totally different than what they studied in school and were passionate about at the time. Some have remained committed to a job they got early that suits every part of their lives. Others are lifelong students.

I wonder how many people are really living out their dream though, working in a job that fulfills that nagging for significance that exists in us all. The truth is, I guess, that it's more about being happy with ourselves than it is about being happy with our jobs. Any job can have meaning and importance if we take the time to find it there.

But I have to say, I'm still happy that my telemarketing stint was so brief...


euphrony said...

You sound a bit like a college friend of mine. She is currently a school librarian in Miami, but did the same job at an international school in Puerto Rico for a couple of years, taught in Austin before that, and is (always) looking for the next opportunity to move. She's too much of a free-spirit to settle down in one place for long, and no man has kept her yet.

Lisa said...

I totally agree with you about what you put into a job is what you get out of it. I used to think I had to be in Africa to be happy. That's changed quite a bit. I'm in Mongolia and I'm perfectly happy. I think I'm really close to that dream job. I'd like to have another teacher, but other then that it's what I want to be doing. Teaching MK's overseas--being in God's will. That's all there is to it.

~ jen ~ said...

We ALL know SNS is NOT anyone's idea job unless you plan to be a grocery-retail manager. It's flexible enough for me and my family, and I've been there 8 years, so I've got seniority and a decent it fits into my life just fine and is oh-so-right for now. And I DO love to learn about new food products, so I'm on the front lines for that!

I'm not sure what my "dream job" is anymore, or if I ever really knew to begin with. I have discovered that I love being a wife and mother, which are jobs in a sense... I would love to have my own business someday, perhaps a small restaurant or bakery...Cooking and baking are in my genes!

Laura said...

Hi Amy ... I read your dream job description on Shaun's blog and it sounds very much like mine (which is a dream come true). I teach Literature and Latin in a private school in Indonesia. I get to mentor my students and am given much freedom in teaching them. I attend a church and teach in the children's ministry in English. Your comment made me thankful for my job ... don't give up the dream! The dream job is out there ... anything is possible!!

Amy said...


thanks for stopping by! Your life sounds cool! :-)
And Asia is where I ultimately want to end up, hopefully Japan. Thanks for the encouragement!

I think it's cool that you've been at SNS for 8 years. It might be a dream job, but if it works, it works. you do it for your family and that's what counts.

free spirit...I feel that way sometimes and it's nice to know there are others out there. I'm not alone.

At least you are doing the job of your dreams even if it's not in the location of your dreams. I admire you for sticking it out in mongolia.

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