Wednesday, September 6, 2006


I'm a karaoke loving freak. I will never forget my first experience with karaoke. I was living in Japan. As you may know, Karaoke is a Japanese word...that begins to show you some of the devotion that country has to this particular activity. Anyway, I was dreading the inevitable, the night of karaoke. I had visions of being in a bar with masses of strangers, and singing. Meanwhile, everyone groans because I'm so awful.
It was nothing of the sort. My flatmates dragged me to karaoke, where we rented a private room and proceeded to fill up the karaoke machine with whatever English songs hit our fancy.
It was dead fun.
It became my favorite activity. I got a membership card to a karaoke place the train station over and proceeded to spend LOTS of money on this very favorite activity of mine.
So....have you been karaokeing? I think about 8-10 people is an ideal group. How about you? What are your favorite songs to karaoke to?

Here are some good ones, I've found.
In the End...Linkin Park
Like A Prayer...Madonna
White Flag...Dido
Love Fool...the Cardigans
Don't Look Back in Anger...Oasis


kathryn said...

i've karaoked at "Happy Happy's" Vietnamese restaurant and bar. . had FUN!!! I haven't done it for years, though did sit in on a karaoke night in Cancun recently, listening to drunk vacationers make absolute idiots of themselves!!! Vietnamese songs sound so funny!!!

Mindy said...

I did it once in China. I think I sang Crazy, by Patsy Cline.
I wanted to do it on our honeymoon, but Matt didn't want drunk guys hollering at me. So, I didn't.
It sounds like great fun! Amy, we'll go find somewhere to do it when you come visit me!!

euphrony said...

I'm actually a good singer, and have lead worship on occassion at various churches. I sing constantly in my car. My life revolves around music. I hate karaoke.

Not to slam you, Amy, Kathryn, Mindy, or other karaoke lovers out there; I simply don't find it personally fun to do or amusing to view. Perhaps I have too critical an ear and start picking apart musical mistakes and how it should have been done. Perhaps my collar is just too stiff. I just cringe at karaokers, drunk or sober. But good luck you're next night out.

Amy said...

yeah, I think maybe if you are really good at singing, it wouldn't be much fun. I think the whole point is to give everyone the chance to feel like a pop star. :-)

I actually heard of something called movie-oke once too, where you get the chance to re-act famous parts of movies. :-) I'm not sure it's taken off in quite the same way.

kathryn said...

i'm a singer. . worship band, whole bit. . i cringed a lot at karaoke- yes, but i also had a lotta fun listening to others sing. . people from work - fun seeing them come out of their shell - it was a big deal for some of them to work up the courage and it was fun seeing them be encouraged by the applause! that was worth it for me! the mics and sound systems at the bars suck!! always made me appreciate the ones at church more!!! But when out with friends who aren't critical and who just wanna have fun, it's a hoot!!

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