Friday, September 1, 2006

Happy September!

I cannot believe it is September of 2006 already. Where in the world did the time go? I have only four months left in this year to make something interesting and memorable happen. FOUR MONTHS!! Yikes! Pretty soon, it will be acceptable to put the fall decorations up. is your year going? Are you in the same state of shock as I am over it's quick passage? What is your interesting and memorable event of 2006 so far?


euphrony said...

Please don't tell me how little time there is left in 2006. Before the end of this month, I have to finish a major talk for a conference in Maine in October, finish an interem report on another project (which I will likely have to travel to Norway in December to present to the client), and prepare to go to Brazil on another project in October/November. I don't usually travel this much with work, but there it all is, all at once. Oh yeah, there's Thanksgiving, Christmas, and baby planning, too. So, I'm taking a deep breath and moving one step at a time.

kathryn said...

my year is going very well, Amy! Thanx for asking. I think the highlight would have to be my 25th wedding anniversary trip to Cancun in March. We had a fabulous time. . and to make it even more fab, I had won the trip, so we paid absolutely nothing to stay for 1 week in a 4 1/2 star all inclusive!!!! trip of a lifetime. . i'm a bit shocked at how quickly the months have whizzed by. What's your most memorable event so far this year?

~ jen ~ said...

Most obviously, Sam's first birthday is tops on my Memorable 2006 Event list.

Number two: we have helped a friend and neighbor physically, financially and morally this past weekend to prepare to move to Chicago to better his life for himself and his daughter. God be with you, Thurein!

Mindy said...

Let's see, in chronological order:

My nephew was born
Matt and I bought our house
My grandmother passed away
Matt and I got married!!!
Matt and I went to the Bahamas
We adopted Sunny our sweet kitty
I got hired as a teacher!

Mindy said...
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Amy said...

I just have to say that all of you have had a far more exciting 2006 than I have. This may, possibly, be the dullest year of my life. NOTHING has happened. Not externally, at least.
But! some good things have happened on the inside mostly involving learning how to give myself grace. And I found a new church that I love. That was a very positive thing. I took a few mini trips, but really this year has been boring. Oh and of course my third niece was born. That will make this a memorable year. (even though I haven't met her yet) I will hopefully go to Costa Rica before the end of the year.

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