Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Attitude of Gratitude?

The program I am working in is considered remarkable by most people. The company pays me to help their employees improve their reading skills. They don't even read a great deal for their jobs. Yet for two hours a week, on the clock, they get to come over and chat a bit with me and read. If all goes well, they should be able to graduate out of the program in about 8 months time.
The reaction to this program by the employees, however, is varied. It reminds me of the parable in Matthew 13. Mainly because the same gift is being offered, but the reactions or results are so different.
Some people start the program with great enthusiasm but quickly lose heart when it is different than they expected. Some people set their hearts to hate the program and never give it a chance. (believe me they make their own (and mine!) lives more difficult!), some people hate it at the start, but slowly grow to realize it's importance when they see their lives improving because their reading is improving. And some people are thrilled with the program from the start and devote great time and effort into it, never wavering in appreciation for the gift that has been handed to them.

It causes me to think about my own life when someone throws a fit over something good and useful that has been given to them. How often do I let pride stand in the way of receiving things that are good and beneficial for my life? How often do I grumble about something that is fruitful for me in the long run, because it feels hard in the moment?

Day in and day out, I witness these different reactions. It is a living and breathing example, always in my face, challenging me about my own heart attitudes in this life. And you? Is there something in your life you should be grateful for that feels like a burden now?


Mindy said...

Yes!!! I totally feel like my job is a burden. Kind of. It's like having big weights on my feet and I'm trying to run. But w/ these weights all I can do is walk. And walking is BORING!!! And I just concluded today that God maybe in fact does want me to stay here at my job. But then...
Over lunch Hebron Christian Academy called and I have an interview Thursday at 1! Sooo, we'll see. Matt says that it is b/c I finally let go. I just let it go. And then they called me.
So, I'll be working on my portfolio. Lesson plan ideas and art that I've done. And we'll see what happens. It probably won't be long before I'm longing for an easy cush desk job where I can sit and blog all day long. Then you can remind me of this very entry.
Why is contentedness so hard to come by?

kathryn said...

i'd say my job as well.

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