Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A New Pet Peeve

Well, working in this job I have discovered a new pet peeve. At the end of every session, students must write down where they left off in their books. I have a great little pencil cup full of freshly sharpened pencils and a nice variety of pens sitting right in front of them. In easy reach. Very hard to miss. So what do they do when it comes time for this all important recording of place? They reach for my pencil. I do not understand. It makes no sense. It gets under my skin and makes me want to go crazy!!

So there you have it.


~ jen ~ said...

Again, big surprise, we share this pet peeve. Customers do it all the time. There is a pen out on the counter, right next to their hand, and they reach for my hand to borrow my pen. But I am protective of my pen, because I know its a good one, and they're likely to "forget" and walk off with it.

So I am "rude" (a customer actually complained to my manager that I wouldn't let her use my pen; i made her use the store's pen! HAHAHAHA!) and refer them to the pen that is affixed on the countertop. Many don't mind, give a surprised, "OH! It was right there, huh?" and go about their business, except for the woman mentioned above. Its one of those little things in life that really tick me off, but boy does it ever tick me off!!!!

Amy said...

I know!! It's so weird!! Like, what is it in human nature that says...whatever you have must be better than whatever is available to me. :-) I can't believe that woman actually complained about that. Get over it people!

kathryn said...

they just love your pen. . wear one of those old lady, around the neck dealies. .

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