Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sense of Smell

I recently wrote about the power of music to record our memories, but I was thinking last weekend about the power of smell. Obviously, smell is a very powerful force or the cosmetics companies and candle companies wouldn't be doing such a booming business!
I was at my cell group meeting (no, I'm not a terrorist--it's a Christian thing!) and we were having our time of singing and the windows were open and it quickly became very apparent that someone was cooking with garlic. But it's a lovely smelled wonderful and instantly evoked all these feelings in me. Most notably, the memory of the time I was in France. I went to France for 8 weeks as part of a mission team and to fulfill some requirements for school. We lived out of the old servant's quarters for the town's chateau (there was actually a tunnel through the cellar leading to the chateau!) and held English lessons as well as did work to help convert the place into a usable Christian retreat center. Anyway, our team's cook always cooked with garlic. I can still remember so strongly that feeling of being in the kitchen and helping her prepare and the many many wonderful meals we spent around the table together. It's a wonderful feeling of home and I remember feeling so strongly at that time in my life that I was exactly where I was meant to be. That's a feeling I haven't had a for a long time.
Other smells that I love? Fresh laundry, brownies baking, all smells associated with the fall and Christmas season, bonfire, the ocean, potato casserole and ham cooking. How about you? What smells do you love?


Mindy said...

I love the smell of a new box of crayons. And the smell of Old Spice Deodorant.
And I like the way my house smells. (when we've remembered to run the garbage disposal.)

kathryn said...

oh my gosh, i love smells!! I love the smell of laundered clothes, puppies, babies, cedar, lilacs. . i could go on an on!

~ jen ~ said...

Mindy, I love the smell of new crayons, too! :-)

At the top, also, are lavender, roses, Johnson & Johnson original baby lotion, original Downy fabric softener (April Fresh), bacon frying, Cubano (Mike's fav cologne, buttercream icing

Lisa said...

OOOhhh! I love burning leaves, clean clothes, honeysuckles, YankeeCandle's Buttercream candles, wild roses, babies(without the poop), and randomly Victoria's Secret's Passionate Kisses lotion.

Amy said...

You guys came up with some good ones that I forgot! I love the smell of bacon frying and new crayons, and burning leaves.

It's cool that so many of us like the smell of clean clothes, too. What is it about that smell that is so comforting?

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