Monday, August 14, 2006

The Beach

I went to the beach this weekend.

I love the beach. Well, sort of. I mean, I can't say I'm a huge fan of getting sand all over everything. But I love to go and sit by the beach, and enjoy it's beauty, cooler temperatures, and calm.

I rarely go to the beach, even though I live in Southern California. It's about an hour away not counting traffic. When you count traffic, it is suddenly very far. Suddenly, it's not so great to sit parked in traffic--only to hunt for a real parking spot once you get to your destination. But once you stop for a bit, and enjoy it's immense beauty...well it's that strange wonderful peace that comes only from being in God's beautiful nature.


Mindy said...

Ahhh, the beach. Just looking at your photograph relaxes me. Thanks for posting it. I miss the beach. I could definitely live there.

~ jen ~ said...

As sad as this sounds, I've NEVER been to a beach. I've seen the banks of rivers, and the shores of lakes, but never have been to a beach.... how depressing!

But I love your photo, too! Someday, I will visit a beach..."i know its gonna happen, sooooooome day"! :-) Hopefully we'll get to take our honeymoon (yes, i know, years and years later) and we'll have a relaxing romantic walk on the beach (perhaps in a foreign country?) AH, to dream is to hope!

Amy said...

Jen!!! You must get yourself to the ocean ASAP!! What would it take to make this happen? Seriously, you can always find cheap flights and deals. You and Mike totally deserve some time away fulfilling this dream. (remember how our France dreams went up in smoke in high school?) I'm pulling for this to happen sooner, rather than later!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Amy - Hey, did you take that photo of the beach?

'Cuz I'm pretty sure you accidentally caught a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster!

I lived in Monterey for about 12 years, and the water was way too cold to actually swim... and the waves hitting the rocks and the rip tides claimed a few victims each month, too.

But it was beautiful. I always enjoyed looking at it, but I felt like a lot of the people who lived there, especially those with the best views, really seemed to take it for granted.

Amy said...

Nope, C-hammer, did not take the photo, though seeing the Loch Ness monster might have made for a far more interesting weekend.
It's easy to take for granted what is in front of you all the time, I suppose.

kathryn said...

i love water. esp. big water (oceans). . it's just so big it makes me feel small and i know my place in the universe as I sit under God's heaven. . I love, love, love the beach!!!

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