Wednesday, August 9, 2006

From Film to Novel

I'm doing something that I rarely do. I'm reading a book after I've seen the movie.

See normally, I have to read the book first. If I see the movie, I lose interest in reading the book because the plot is spoiled, the story is going to be at least slightly different, and I'm going to visualize everything from the film. In short, my experience of the story is going to be limited to the intepretation of the filmmaker. (which is why books are better than films in the first place--films have a much narrower scope for imagination and interpretation)

But this time I decided to do it anyway, because the film was intriguing enough that I figured I would enjoy the book. I'm talking about Big Fish. I really loved that movie. The book is just a little thing, which is interesting. I've read half of it today. Daniel Wallace is quite a good writer. But the stories, those wonderful tall tales in the movie are quite a bit different. Maybe the stories that are spun in the book would never have translated onto the big screen. They seem a bit darker than those in the movie. I don't know. But I think I'm glad I decided to pick up the book. It's well worth the time.


~ jen ~ said...

I completely agree with you about reading the book before seeing the movie.

I have borrowed the DVD Big Fish from Steph and Brian, but haven't made time yet to see it, partly because I have been meaning to read the book first.

Nothing more, nothing insightful today. I have no work to go to, and did all the housework yesterday. It is gloomy and rainy outside, so I have chosen to be lazy in nearly all aspects of my day (except for playing with Sam). I sit on the sofa in my PJ's, surfing for a bit while Sam runs around and freezes while it thunders. Luckily he is not afraid, but has made a game of it!

Lazy Jen, signing off.....

kathryn said...

i've seen the movie, haven't read the book. .

Generally i find it really spoils the movie for me if i've already read the book - totally agree with ya.

Mindy said...

This is why I can't read The Notebook. I've tried and tried. Can't do it.

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