Thursday, August 14, 2008

LOST Books Challenge First Review

Hi all participating in the LOST Books Challenge! If you've completed a review, submit your link below! From everyone who has finished one book and submitted a link, I'll draw a winner for a surprise prize! I will be hosting these each month...the next one will be September 20th. (due to Book Blogger Appreciation Week) Each month there will be a different prize up for grabs as an added incentive to get your books read and your reviews written!


Anonymous said...

I stink! I'm sorry Amy but I don't have a review read yet. Still struggling through Jane Eyre. I'm close to throwing in the towel.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy. Sorry but I'm also struggling with my book. I chose Catch 22 as my first book. I'll have a review of some sort hopefully by this weekend.

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