Thursday, September 21, 2006

TV Week

Well, it's the week when all the shows premiere (except for 24.) I thought I would have a moment.

I used to never watch tv. I started watching tv when I was in Japan (it's funny how you get horribly charmed by anything in English!)....and caught up on all the old shows people watched back when I never watched tv (friends, Ally McBeal, Felicity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Now, I do have a few shows I like to watch.

Grey's Anatomy starts tonight. I watched this on DVD over the summer and now I'm horribly hooked despite the fact that it's a very soapy and somewhat trashy show. The writing is always good for a tug at the heart.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall? Or do you even watch tv? The new Rachael Ray show? Anything?


kathryn said...

men in trees is very funny!!!

i'm watching:
Gene Simmons' Family Jewels (cuz it's hilarious)
CSI (Vegas, there is no other!)
Amazing Race

Laura said...

Thanks to the genius at Apple, I can now download Survivor on itunes and watch it from Indonesia. After the first episode, I'm hooked!

Amy said...

Ok Survivor fans, what do you think about the whole racial divide thing? Does it really matter? I've never really watched Survivor except for a random episode here or there.

kathryn said...

the racial divide thing. . it doesn't really seem to be that much of an issue at this point. the teams seem to feel pressure to 'represent' their entire race. There still seems to be a lot of the same stuff. . friction between the tribe mates, strategizing, the usual.. there does seem to be less tension along the 'racial lines'. . because at this point with them all in their culture groupings . at least there's none of the 'i don't fit in with these ones cuz they're this, or those ones, cuz they're that'

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