Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall is Beautiful

It is now officially fall. Ok, so it doesn't really feel that much like fall in SoCal except for the fact that I'm not sweating to still gets pretty hot midday.


Fall to Christmas is such a great time of the year. So much to do, so many new things starting, so much anticipation. I love it.

Things I love about fall:

Sweaters, candy corn, changing leaves, Thanksgiving, Fall Fragrances, cooler weather, pumpkin bread, cozy evenings, Christmas shopping (I do it early), new stuff starting at church/school, new tv shows, did I mention cooler weather?

What do you love about fall? I'm sure I missed a bunch.


kathryn said...

leaves changing colour
apple picking
the smell of burning leaves
the saturday morning market
fall clothes
thanksgiving dinner (we celebrate in October)
pumpkins in the fields
driving in the country

~ jen ~ said...

I love fall! A few things I like about fall:

* candy corn (Sam loves them too)
* cooler weather and the accompanying scent in the air
* apple pie
* pumpkin pie and cake
* spice cake
* apple cider
* being able to wear sweaters and jackets
* autumn leaves
* making soup (and the all-day simmering that makes my home smell INCREDIBLE!!!)
* planning to have my Christmas shopping done BEFORE Thanksgiving; after having this plan forever, this year it is actually almost done!!!!!!!

ChristaG said...

I love the energy I get from the crisp Georgia air. I will need it now with a little one running around.

Mindy said...

Buying school supplies. Candy corns (or sugar wax, as you affectionately called it.) Sweaters.

And yay! I'm back in the blog world! I've missed you Amy!

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