Thursday, September 14, 2006

Television is news.

I was watching the news last night (cable news, btw), and I observed what I consider to be a rather disturbing trend. Television is news.

There were not one, not two, not three, but four stories in one hour about other television shows. Huh?

Since when did Dancing With the Stars become newsworthy? Or Rosie O'Donnell saying that radical Christians are the same as radical Muslims really warrant anyone's attention? Or Nancy Grace pounding her fist on a desk demanding answers from a suicidal young woman deserve more than a minute spot? And Survivor? Well, they got exactly what they aimed for...attention with their little scheme.

I'm sure that those are the most important things we need to know. I'm beyond positive there isn't a thing going on elswhere in this country, or this world, that would make us more informed, more compassionate, and more productive human beings. I think blowing Rosie O'Donnell's statement out of proportion to get people stirred up and angry with one another is exactly how we should be spending our time.

(For the record, I don't think it's possible that truly radical Christian could pose danger to people physically. I think someone following the teaching Jesus Christ radically would pose no threat to any person...only to the beloved nation-state. So therefore, I respectfully disagree with Ms. O'Donnell's statement, but I'm sorry she has never known a truly radical Christian, only a few nutcases apparently.)


~ jen ~ said...

In short, my dear friend, I completely agree with you on every count. I do not have cable, but on regular ol' TV, the same problem exists. Therefore, I read the Financial Times (lot's o' news in there folks) and watching the BBC World News on PBS. Much more informative, real news, no crap!

Lisa said...

America is so much an entertainment society, that anything related to T.V. or movies IS news. We don't care what happens in the middle east, but we do care that Tom Cruise jumped on a couch or that Steve Martin feed his dog chicken. Sad huh?

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