Thursday, May 29, 2014


This is random, but did you know William Shatner has been live tweeting CW shows?

I stumbled across it tonight because of The 100 and to be honest it's kind of awesome, lol. Anyway here's a story about it (and omg the storify link about how he "met" Misha Collins is hilar)

So I might as well talk about a few other TV related things. The CW released a full trailer for Jane the Virgin and it looks cute, I don't care! Let's all watch it. There's such a lack of just...human drama shows on TV right now.

Which leads me to summer TV. Summer TV is usually not that great, but that's okay since I couldn't keep up with everything this spring anyway. There's still plenty I'll probably watch...I'm most excited for The Strain in July, but I'll give ABC Family's new show, Chasing Life, a look and I think MTV's Finding Carter looks right up my alley! How about you guys? What are you planning to watch?

I wanted to write a post about baseball, but watching the Cardinals lose tonight drained all baseball energy from me. But! A free sabermetrics class is starting today. I'm going to give it a go...we'll see how well I do, lol.


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