Friday, May 30, 2014

Bitten Season One

I can say season one because the show has officially been renewed for a second season yay! (This post is primarily for Jill, lol.)

I started watching this when it premiered, but it kind of started slow and then a bunch of stuff happened where I fell way behind on TV and then it actually came on Netflix before I had a chance to watch it off my DVR! So since lately I mostly watch TV right before bed anyway, I zipped right through it.

I like this show a lot, because it's a nice little werewolf show. Laura Vandervoort was the only tolerable character on the V reboot I watched a few years back, so I already felt affection for her, also she's just so pretty! The werewolves are definitely interesting and different in this show. No magical healing power! (seriously then what's the upside?), werewolves can be born or bitten!, and of course the female werewolves. Except Elena.

But first a brief synopsis! Elena Michaels is the world's only female werewolf but she's not very happy about it. She was bitten by her lover and considers this a huge betrayal. (it is!) She's off in Toronto trying to live a normal life and she has a boyfriend and everything but then trouble starts stirring back home. Reluctantly, she goes back home to help out, but the problem escalates and it becomes clear that Elena herself is a target.

Okay, I don't really know how to feel about the one female werewolf thing? And it's not only that Elena is the only woman ever to have survived the change, but she has these other special qualities like she can stop the change from happening and she's the best tracker in the pack. It feels like fantasy fulfilment, tbh! Are the books like this? I had a brief hope (influenced by being a reader of Chaos Walking, I think) that it was a lie about females not surviving the change when Amber begged to be bitten, but I guess Amber died? I mean they only showed her struggling to make the transition and that was the end of that. But I had hoped it would turn out that female werewolves were stronger with better skill sets so the mean evil male werewolves lied about, lol. But I guess not.

Anyway, I also wasn't sold on how the show tried to sell me on Clay. Even if biting Elena was the only chance he could give her to live, Jeremy was right that it was very impulsive and risky of him to have brought her to Stonehaven in the first place. But I'm not too bent out of shape over it, I mean it's clear that this is the couple the show is behind and besides that little biting problem he was mostly decent for a brooding werewolf love interest. :)

I do think Elena will eventually become the Alpha. When Logan mentioned it, I was like ah! Plus, there was all that stuff about how the pack was stronger and better when she was with them...she's a superior tracker, etc. I don't know when they'll get there...they definitely have some story they could eat up with all the male werewolves wanting her for their queen (lol) and Jeremy vs. Malcolm. But with her loyalty to Jeremy shaken over the truth of what happened when she changed, her belief that the pack needs to evolve to survive, etc. I think there could be some interesting story there if she challenges Jeremy. (or he could die I guess)

I also thought Nick was adorable, Santos was an A+ villain--he made me laugh in all of his flopish ways, and I mostly liked Logan. Also. The ending!!! :) I never did warm to Philip who seemed more in love with love than Elena.

Anyway, those are my thoughts! I'm a little bummed we have to wait until 2015 for season 2 and it's only ten episodes, but at least we get a season 2, am I right?


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