Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z and TV this Week my plans for an unofficial zombie week didn't really turn out since the week turned out quite busy for me, but one day I will finish it up by writing about The Walking Dead which I believe to be the perfect zombie story for me.

I did see World War Z, though! And I liked it quite a bit. I know as far as summer blockbusters go it was pretty perfect.

First of all, no it is not like the book. What it does do, though, is attempt to recreate the feeling that the zombie apocalypse is a worldwide thing and that different nations and cultures react differently to it. It manages to work in some ideas like people thinking a zombie virus is ridiculous. I really like how it starts small, centered on a family and how the world just ERUPTS in utter chaos and then it blooms out and begins to show what a huge catastrophe it is. And it's not like an alien invasion movie since zombies are unthinking. It is a bit like other disaster movies except, of course, that the disaster takes human form.

Also, it is not gory at all. So if something you hate about, say, The Walking Dead, is all the gore, you don't have to worry about that here. The zombies are biters not feeders. Which is interesting in itself. And they are fast, I actually enjoyed all of the scenes with the wild crazy speedy zombies even if I generally prefer slower zombies.

All that to say, there are still some cliched aspects to the film and it completely and totally erases grief from the picture. It's all about the action of moving forward and solving the virus with only the slightest nods to how much everyone has lost personally. Like, for example, SMALL SPOILER, Brad Pitt's family takes in a small boy after they stay the night with his family and he acts like all is normal even though his parents just died. But of course the point of that story line wasn't about Tomas himself, but rather to make the main family even more sympathetic.

But no matter, I really enjoyed it. I think it satisfied that summer blockbuster urge for me, though I still want to see Elysium. (I do not, however, want to see The Wolf of Wall Street AT ALL)

TV this Week

The Fosters--I think this week's episode sold me on the show because it made me cry, lol. I really liked how they handled the storyline with Brandon making the decision about where to live and just honestly portrayed how both parents can be great and trying to do the right thing but it's going to hurt and there's no getting around it. So when he saw the piano his dad rented for him and broke down, I did, too, lol. Also, and this is part of the show's cheese appeal, but oh well, I just love how loving and chaotic and busy the Fosters family feels and how they have all these little family moments. I do feel like there's some spark missing between Stef and Lena--like the show still seems to portray them rather chastely? Like just kisses on the cheek and stuff? But I like their relationship a lot. I love Callie, of course, I think she's a great protagonist to have as the outsider and I enjoyed that Maryanna tried to make it work, that they she opened up to her and you could see how hurt she was when Callie accused her of reading the journal and making snide remarks to the moms about her, but she still swallowed her pride later anyway to say she understood. Also, a Joan Didion name drop, I mean really. So basically, yes I'm into this show now, lol.

Switched at Birth--Still loving the family storylines. Something about Bay with Regina and Angelo at the end just seemed so sweet in a way I don't really understand. Reallllly liked Ty's story about getting a tattoo in order to remember that girl (thought it was a great story about art?). Thought the storyline with John choosing a new manager was kind of interesting. Just enjoying the show a lot in general, right now!

The Killing--This season is super uncomfortable to watch. I think I'm just finally kind of getting into the story, but omg these kids. It's just so sad and ugly and uncomfortable to see their lives. I loooove Linden and Holder, though, so I'll keep watching, even if I have to be in a certain mood.

HGTV Star--My one and only reality show, ♥. I love how the show always tricks you into thinking one person will get sent home and then it's someone else. I love Brooks because he's interesting, but I don't actually like his designs that much. I think it's ridiculous how they renamed it to HGTV Star and everyone acts like that's always been the name. No matter what, I remain impressed by designers, because they look at a space and have a vision, which I can't do. This show is pure candy and flies right by.

Hannibal--The season finale was perfect, even if the final scene felt tailor made for a future parallel. This really is the perfect horror show in so many ways--I think overall they did a great job slowly revealing the deep horrors of Hannibal Lector even though we should have known them all along. Like, at first he just seemed like a not so bad guy. I also think it nicely showcased how people are more likely to believe him/not doubt him because of his position, whereas Will feels unstable which has made him the perfect person to pin the crimes on. I also think it showed that SCIENCE/EVIDENCE RULES ALL is a failing/blind spot/weakness. The greatest horror, though, of course is how much Will trusted Hannibal someone who theoretically should have been on his side but only worked against him. I'm just glad Will knows the truth now and I look forward to seeing what happens next. RIP Abigail, tho. :( (seeing people in denial over her death was interesting though from two standpoints. 1) I guess I'm not actually emotionally invested in the show and 2) Is that what I was like about other stories???)

I guess that's it, but Under the Dome starts tomorrow, yay!

As far as reading, well I'm read a book this week I'll talk about later because it was super interesting and every other time I've tried to read I fell asleep. Nothing makes me feel older! I do want to know what you're reading and loving, though!


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