Monday, June 24, 2013

Google Reader is Almost Gone and Other Technology Ramblings

So I've finally settled on using Feedly as a replacement even though it's not quite as comfortable to me as Google Reader was/is. I think it will get the very basic job done and I am now forcing myself to use it instead of Google Reader. How are you guys faring? Any tips or tricks? Or are you just quitting altogether?

I also need to figure out what to do about the BBAW site. Continuing to host it as is is not really a problem for the moment, but part of me wonders if I should just retire it. Is there any reason to keep it up and running? Is it still helpful to have some of those great essays of the past up as well as the awards winners?

And, I really need a new Twitter background page. Does anyone have a recommended designer? I'm not looking for anything particularly fancy, it's just all the information is now irrelevant on mine and the woman who made it for me quit doing design work. I can't afford to pay the hundred dollars or so I see charged at the few sites I have visited. I could use a matching header, though. This kind of stuff is what makes me feel like quitting the internet!

In a funny story, though, when I watch TV I usually have my phone with me and I look up stuff constantly. Like who a familiar actor is or something that gets referenced that I don't know, the precise meaning of a word used, etc. Anyway, I was reading today and you know how in books they never tell you everything and keep some things mysteries to be revealed throughout the book. But lol, I kept getting the urge to grab my phone and look up the answers to my questions. It was like this subconscious urge...I'M NOT USED TO NOT BEING ABLE TO FIND THE ANSWERS OKAY? I kept laughing about it though because the story is totally fiction, even if it's being reported in the book as a worldwide event. (so it's not spoilers that I wanted exactly, it's hard to explain)

Have a great week, everyone!


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