Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TV (Based on books!) Call the Midwife and 666 Park Avenue

As you all know, I was really looking forward to both Call the Midwife and 666 Park Avenue and since they both started Sunday and are based on books I thought I'd talk about them now!

And I liked them both.

Let's start with Call the Midwife.

I loved it! As you may recall, I really liked the book and I was eager to watch this show especially after hearing it was a hit in England. I wasn't exactly sure how the book would translate over to TV, but I like what they did. They used a couple of stories from the book to make up the bulk of the episode's story and each patient revealed something new about life to Jenny. And both stories were kind of amazing o Jenny in different ways...well one was amazing and one was horrific. But she got through each with an earned respect for her patients. I also really liked the nuns and their different characters. (though I don't think it registered for me with the book that they are Anglican!)

On top of all of that, I love the visual style of the show, their clothes and the bikes and hair, etc. It really casts the feeling of that time period. It still completely baffles me to think of anyone with 25 children, though, and especially someone that can't speak the language of the land they are living in! I I found myself deeply satisfied by the end of the episode, though, and like Jenny says that midwifery is the stuff of life, that's exactly what this show is and I like it. Also, I'm so eager to see if one of my favorite stories from the book shows up, I'm crossing my fingers that it does because it is so good.

(My review of the book)

666 Park Avenue

I also really liked this. It's actually my favorite network pilot that I've seen so far. This is the kind of show I'd gladly tune in to watch, but apparently the rest of America does not feel the same way. WHY? :( Part of me wonders if they shouldn't have named it 666 Park Avenue, I mean, tbh, 666 still creeps me out, and I can see it being a bit of a turn off.

First of all, I really like the cast. I think Terry O'Quinn is perfectly cast, I was getting major F'Locke vibes. And I love Dave Annable as a holdover from his days as Justin on Brothers and Sisters (when I watched that show). I don't know the main actress, but she's really pretty and appealing so I liked her a lot. And I like Vanessa Williams and was glad to see other familiar faces like Robert Buckley and Helena Mattsson.

I also just love New York City as a setting for anything and I love the concept of the show being about a creepy apartment building with a rich and buried history. The show is really nice looking to me, it looks sharp and attractive. The atmosphere was the perfect blend of creepy with a sense of trouble brewing underneath and these people all have their vices, I know they do!! Even if Robert Buckley's is the only one we're seeing right now. The decadence and luxury with the hints of horror underneath, the use of Symphony No. just worked for me.

And...ever since the days when I liked Supernatural, I've been slightly intrigued by the concept of striking a deal with the devil (not because I want to but what people are willing to do to get what they want) so I think it's an interesting and outlandish way to explore the lengths people are willing to go for whatever it is they want. And there are clearly some mysteries brewing and stuff to be revealed.

I know it's not perfect. The scenes where people were getting sucked through the walls or doors were kind of stupid, but even so I kind of dig the idea of all the souls that have been sacrificed living in the walls of the Drake. And also it incorporated more elements of the book than I expected and in what I think are really smart ways.

I don't know I liked it a lot as a creepy supernatural soap and I really hope that the next few episodes hold my attention and get even better. (My review of the book)

Did any of you watch these? What did you think?

(On a slightly related note I am so freaking excited for The Walking Dead to come back!!!!!!!!!!)


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