Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sunday Salon -- Go Giants?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Are you planning on watching? If so who are you cheering for? I'll be watching and cheering for the Giants, but the truth is I don't really care who wins. And the commercials will probably be stupid, so.

The weather here has been so beautiful this week bordering on outright warm. Sometimes I forget about the charm in the area where I live, but it is beautiful in its own way, especially this time of year when it's not too hot and I was rediscovering that beauty this week. I think when you are surrounded by the same thing all the time it starts to feel so commonplace. And I wouldn't describe the scenery here as obviously gorgeous, it's almost an acquired taste. ;)

Books and Reading
I got some pretty exciting books in the mail this week, including Jacqueline Woodson's new one, and the ARC for Robert Goolrick's next book. I've already read the Woodson and will probably read the Goolrick soon! I'm trying not to pay too much attention to all the great books coming out, but it's so hard. I need to just read all the great books I already own.

I also read Lauren Winner's Still and finished up the The Legacy of Eden. I'm having a hard time setting on what to read next. I've started a few different choices but they aren't quite grabbing me yet. In January, I ended up reading 8 books, 6 of which were published in 2012. I kind of want a more even balance, but it's really hard not to get distracted by all the shiny new releases. Also, I read five male authors and three female which is really unusual for me and kind of depressing.

For those of you that tumble, The Millions has a great list of literary tumblrs. Also, Pete Peterson wrote a great review of one of my favorite books, Silence. And Strange Culture has a pretty great list of books being adapted to film for the year.


Switched at Birth--The episode this week was..I don't know I didn't feel like all the parts quite flowed together or something about the execution of some of the story lines felt off. But even so, I loved it. This show always manages to hit the right emotional notes and Daphne and John's conversation at the end was pitch perfect and beautiful. Sometimes I feel like the parents have an honesty that I'm not sure is realistic, but I don't care, I still love it. Also, this is like the first episode ever where I liked John, so that's something! I was also glad Bay and Emmett finally talked about sex and using vegetable to talk about it was kind of cute. It's stuff like this I feel like the show does so well, and Bay's reaction to him not being a virgin...the fact that Bay is always allowed to have a reaction even if it doesn't last long is something I really appreciate.

Alcatraz--I really really liked this week's episode, and I find myself looking forward to the show more and more, fingers crossed it survives! I thought the back story was compelling in the episode and also more...illuminating about the overall story? So that was an effective use of the dual narrative. I felt like the overall story made significant advancements which is an improvement over last week.

Gossip Girl--ha ha I was wrong to think I'd find the 100th entertaining, Chuck and Blair have sapped all the energy and enjoyment out of the show. I feel like we've been watching 3x18-3x22 over and over for the last season and a half, and I'm ready for something different. I don't know if it even matters that Blair left the wedding with Dan if nothing really changes in the next few episodes I think I'll be done with this show. I'm just...losing interest.

I also caught up on Grimm, and it's still totally ridiculous but manages to keep my interest I guess. (actually what I like about it is that I don't have to pay 100 percent attention) I tried to watch Once Upon a Time again, but I don't know..the show just has this cheesy element I can't quite get over.

In development news, The Selection is already being developed for The CW which pretty much makes me want to stay far away from the book that hasn't even been released yet. This new Kripke pilot sounds like it has potential, though? I mean I really liked the first three seasons of Supernatural and I think if the show had been allowed to die a natural death in season 5 like he originally wanted/planned for it would have been better.

Also, Smash and The River both premiere this week I'll be watching! Please watch, too, so we can discuss next week! And Awake finally has a premiere date of March 1st which is so exciting, it's one of the shows I've been looking forward to the most. It did have creative troubles so who knows, but maybe if we all watch and it's brilliant it will be our next great love.


I went to see One for the Money and keeping in mind that I never read the books, I actually thought it was okay! I mean if I turn a critical eye to it, sure it tried to be funny in ways it wasn't and was a bit clunky through transitions but sometimes I just don't care about that stuff. Ultimately, I just don't want to be bored. And I guess overall I enjoyed it.

I also finally watched Midnight in Paris, which I LOVED. It's so utterly charming! Tasha is right that it's not a love letter to Paris so much as a love letter to the idealized American version of Paris, but I sort of also think it's a love letter to great cities in general. There's this whole monologue about the art of a city that was so fantastic. But also all the historical figures that show up, like the Fitzgeralds and Hemingway and Gertrude Stein are so much fun. I don't know it's just really lovely.

And I watched 50/50 which I will save to talk about when I talk about The Fault in our Stars, and Drive which...I hated.

How were your weeks in entertainment? See any good movies? Read any good books? Watch any good TV or give up on any shows? Also, don't forget to tell me who should win the game today!


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