Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life and Thoughts in Bullet Points! Don't Miss This Riveting Post!

  • So I was just listening to Lana del Rey's album (which I really like--I don't know apparently she had a bad SNL performance or something and some people hate her--stuff I gather from my Twitter timeline) and I realized there is a song called "Diet Mt. Dew" on it. JOY OF MY LIFE. Even better is the stunning heartrending truth the song speaks, "you're no good for me." So true, but I love it anyway. Seriously, though, this album is so depressing, like all these MESSED UP relationships and ideas of love. Music feeds our love addiction more than anything I think! Even worse than movies and vampire novels!

  • I'm on a nonfiction reading kick which almost never happens, but I'm trying to read the Feminists Classics book for the month, which is, Feminism is for Everybody by Bell Hooks. I have very cobbled together ideas about feminism, growing up in the environment I did it was sort of a dirty word and it wasn't until well a few years into adulthood that I let those ideas be challenged. WHY AM I ALWAYS BEHIND ON LIFE? But anyway, I'm reading that as well as The Shallows by Nicholas Carr because lately I've been having very different ideas about the internet and relationships and relationships on the internet than I've ever had before. And this book is about the way the internet is actually changing the wiring in our brains, and I've felt like that's a really big problem for me. And at the very least I want to understand that even if I can't change it. So this is the first of a few books I plan to read on the way the internet has actually changed the way we think as well as our relationships and I suspect I will be writing about it in the future. And the other nonfiction book I'm reading (because I do not understand book monogamy thanks to the internet) is Fast Girls: Teenage Tribes and the Myth of the Slut which is a book I got at The Book Warehouse when they were closing. It's an interesting topic, and addresses a lot of ideas I find fascinating, like the way we cast roles for one another in society.

  • I saw Chronicle and I liked it. I mean the first half of the movie is pure clever fun and the second half goes crazy and loses momentum even if it makes sense. I was really impressed in a way with how they established the main character, I mean it's like an origins story. But the tonal change of the film reminded me a lot of Hancock? Also if you have a hard time buying found footage films this one COMPLETELY escapes believability. But I don't know I didn't really care. The characterization of the main character is so well done. It's just...different. So I liked it a lot. Even if it was all boys.

  • Andrew Peterson has a new album coming out Augustish. FRIENDS THIS IS THE KIND OF NEWS THAT MAKES EVERYTHING SUNNY AND BRIGHT IN MY LIFE. Seriously, I remember I was so depressed in 2009 and I was like, but 2010 will be better because Andrew Peterson has a new CD coming out. And that's how I feel again. Okay so I'm exaggerating a little bit. I forced my family to listen to Andrew Peterson over the holidays and they just didn't get it and I wanted to weep and return to that moment at Hutchmoot (the first) where I realized I had found my people.

  • Speaking of new music The Fray's new album found it's way into my hands today (okay I preordered it) and...I haven't listened to it yet. I will only have one chance to listen to it for the first time okay? And what if it's bad?!?

  • Courtney Summers announced her next book and it sounds AWESOME. (she could probably announce her next book was a reinterpretation of the phone book and I'd think it sounded awesome) Seriously she is fantastic, please read her right this second.

  • Has anyone read The Bronze Horseman trilogy? I'm suddenly seeing these books popping up everywhere in NATURAL enthusiastic recommendations (i.e. at the bookstore, an actress on TVD mentioned loving them to death, etc.) and I'm tempted because supposedly they are fab love stories, but I don't know. I would love to hear some feedback!

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