Friday, October 14, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3x05 The Reckoning and The Secret Circle 1x05 Slither

The Vampire Diaries

So when Stefan interrupted Damon and Elena's little moment at the end of the episode, I was like, finally Angelus is here! I was just complaining a few episodes back about the direction they chose to take him--it was dull. But I guess ultimately they only wanted to make sure the character of Stefan was protected (lol this is a vampire show!) and they had Klaus make the decision for him. I'm looking forward to what happens next with Stefan.

Also Elena! Damon wasn't there for you because he's emotionally immature. Remember last episode when you wanted him to be a good guy? Well he freaked out and ran away with Katherine. I wonder if Damon will be able to keep his promise this time.

Okay my girl Caroline is forever awesome, but what is this Tyler is a hybrid stuff? I admit for this episode it was a clever move, but what are the repercussions going to be? I'm going to be really annoyed if they just make the transition really easy for Tyler or if they turn him evil, or whatever. I'm not really interested in this story line at all and in fact I'm really disappointed in how they've progressed the Forwood (Tyler/Caroline) relationship this year because it was never about them being together and giving me pretty kissing scenes, the appeal of the relationship was what they meant to each other. They were a rare show don't tell part of the show and I feel like so much of that got thrown over--most likely because they wanted to do this ridiculous Tyler is a hybrid story line. To be honest, I feel like a lot of really good opportunities go to waste on this show, but alas, I enjoy it anyway.

The stupidest part of the episode for me was Matt immediately leaping to the conclusion that he needed to kill himself so he could talk to Vicki. I don't know how he came to this conclusion and why he put all that immediate pressure on Bonnie, but whatever. Also, I have a feeling Bonnie and Matt are going to be hooking up soon, she's jealous of Jeremy's dead girlfriends and they need a way to tie Matt into the cast even though I'd be fine with them killing him off.

Finally there's a vampire who is also a vampire hunter who apparently Klaus is terrified of. In their quest to kill Klaus, Jeremy and Katherine went to wake him not caring a bit about the warning that he would like to kill all vampires. So this development should be interesting.

Overall I enjoyed this episode and I'm looking forward to how they deal with evil Stefan.

The Secret Circle

Earlier this week, I believe, the CW released a promotional photo minus Nick leading to much speculation about his fate. Sure enough he died this episode, but I have to admit I found his death anti-climatic. I thought maybe that the only way they'd be able to deal with the demon that possessed Melissa would be a blood sacrifice of some kind.

I thought the episode was properly creepy with the moving suitcase and the demon possession. I was glad Cassie told her grandmother and that she was able to help them deal with it and that scene where they burned the demons and they leaped out at Cassie was pretty freaky.

I just really hated Nick's death...I thought that when Faye's mom (forgot her name...) met the demon at the bar, that she was going to be possessed. I thought it would have been a really cool twist if after Nick was drowned it turned out he'd been killed in vain because the demon was already possessing her. But I don't think they're doing that. The fact that they so willingly killed Nick was downright creepy and I'm wondering how long they're really going to let the kids grieve. Especially Melissa. I hope they let this play out properly, ultimately, there would be no loose demon if Cassie and Faye hadn't performed magic they knew nothing about.

Your thoughts?


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