Friday, October 7, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3x04 "Disturbing Behavior" and The Secret Circle 1x04 "Heather"

I feel like the subtitle to this could be "a good girl can't change a bad boy" since both shows hit on this tonight. And while I appreciated that they paid lip service to this truth, I'm not convinced yet they will flesh that out in the story telling. Not that I want to see them try.

The Vampire Diaries

I'm so glad my queen Katherine was back. She remains clever and full of surprises. I was surprised by the twist at the end when she got the necklace from Bonnie and showed up at Damon's--in fact it might have been the only thing to surprise me this season in a real way.

Caroline--always awesome. How satisfying was it to see her beat up Damon, though? Also, how awesome was it that she was the voice of reason making sure Elena knew Damon wasn't going to change. He's a monster and he does bad things. End of story. And I have to admit I thought maybe the show would let Damon grow up...they let Tyler grow up for example, but in this episode he was as grating and selfish as ever. If he isn't going to start growing up when he actually has a shot with Elena I don't think he ever will. And he killed Alaric just because he was getting on his nerves!

Elena also needs to grow up. Elena's fear of admitting her attraction to Damon is based on what it says about her that she likes this guy who is essentially a bad guy. Welllll honey, he's a vampire. So is Stefan. Both have done horrible things. Just admit you want to fix them and/or like the power you have over them. Both relationships seem unhealthy to me, I don't know, but I can actually understand that Elena likes the power she has over Damon. It's pretty twisted, but the moment she gives in she loses. Without Stefan there...this might happen, I don't know, I really have no idea what to make of the triangle at the moment.

Rebekah--love her. I kind of wish she and Stefan and Klaus could just go off and wreak havoc on the world. I would love to watch that. But alas, Stefan is still trying to protect Elena and Damon and his Mystic Falls friends.

I was sad the witch Gloria died already. Someone needs to put this show in check for constantly killing off their POC and female characters. It's seriously noticeable.

I was glad to see Bonnie back, but this Jeremy story line needs to hurry up and go somewhere. I'm wondering if Anna is really Anna or some other entity.

I enjoyed the ep, I loved Caroline and Katherine and I look forward to whatever happens next, except for the rumored destruction of Forwood. Do not approve.

The Secret Circle

So Faye tried to tell Melissa Nick would never change for her, but it was hard to tell if she was doing it because she actually wanted to be a good friend or she was jealous of all the time Melissa was spending with Nick. But that little voice in her head caused Melissa to lash out at Nick...but end up going back with him in the end. So far I really love Melissa because she feels so real and this sort of insecurity feels true to life. I don't find Melissa and Nick to be romanticized by the show, but I do wish we had more of Nick's POV. I was not a happy camper that Melissa ended up being possessed in the final scene because I'm worried about what it's going to do to her.

Cassie and Faye were awesome together! Please give us more of this dynamic show! I have to admit I find the actress playing Cassie to be a bit of a weak link. I mean she's gorgeous but she annoys me so much.

Adam and Cassie...why is Adam going to Cassie's late at night? Bad move Adam! I hope the show begins to actually show us more of his his feelings for Diana because right now he just seems like a huge jerk. And I think Cassie and Diana's friendship needs more development too. This could be such a great triangle--a true triangle, but the show needs to go deeper with it.

Oh and the possession stuff...normally I'm really averse to all demony things in shows, b/c I actually believe demons exist but when the shows make them so obviously outside of my own belief system it doesn't bother me too much. I thought this was a great really creepy episode and next week looks even better.

I enjoyed the lack of the adult storyline as I'm not really getting into that one yet. And I liked that they actually looked at their books of shadows and made potions and the overall witchcraft seemed more complex. I'm really liking this show and I think it's finally starting to find its footing.

Tell me what you thought of one or both! Is anyone else still watching The Secret Circle or am I all alone?


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