Saturday, June 12, 2010

Faith'n'Fiction Saturday: Signs and Wonders

Faith and Fiction Saturday is a weekly discussion of the intersection of faith and fiction. You can participate by writing a post on your blog and leaving a link, or adding your thoughts in comments.

Peace Like a River, our round table book last month, talked about miracles in a very natural no nonsense way. In fact, I would say the book celebrated the concept of wonder.

It got me to thinking about contemporary Christian fiction....and the use of miracles and the signs gifts. I suspect perhaps that some of these things are just a bit to controversial for Christian publishing houses to touch so we rarely see them. We do see some spiritual warfare, but I can't recall a book where a character has the gifts of tongues or where a miracle takes place.

I'm very curious as to your thoughts on this topic. Perhaps you know of some books that I don't, or maybe you know why these elements so rarely present themselves in Christian fiction. Maybe you can think of some general market books that touch on these topics.

Looking forward to your thoughts as always!


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