Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LOST Recap and Discussion: 6.10 The Package

A full discussion of tonight's episode of LOST follows.

I really enjoyed tonight's episode. It felt like vintage LOST to me, rich in character motivation and interest, mysterious developments, humor, and the parallelism was outstanding. Threads of past and present ran through the episode and the idea of fate seemed stronger than ever.

It would seem that fate does not smile kindly on Sun and Jin. In their sideways universe, Sun's father is conspiring to keep them apart, putting a price on the head of Jin. They are in love but not married, keeping their relationship a secret from her father. But Keamy was hired to kill Jin. When he realizes there is no money, however, he permits Sun to go with Mikhail (that was a fun thread in the episode) to the bank so that she can get the money out of her account. This was money she had saved to start a new life for her and Jin. But unfortunately, the account was closed by her father. Jin is tied up at the restaurant (we remember seeing him there during Sayid's episode) and Sayid gives him the box cutter to free himself. So when Mikhail comes back to the restaurant with Sun and asks Keamy what happened, Jin holds the gun to him. A gun fight ensues in which Jin shoots Mikhail in the eye (right on!) but unfortunately Sun is also wounded and announces she is pregnant.

On the island is very interesting as well. Widmore's folks are keeping a close eye on Flocke's camp. Locke goes off to hunt for Sun and try to bring her back to camp, but Sun refuses to go with him. Her gut instinct is not to trust him and she flees, running into a tree. Ben finds her but Sun has lost her ability to communicate in English. When Richard finally shows back up at camp and announces they must destroy the plane, she flies into a rage, but her words are lost on all those gathered. Jack seeks her out later and suggests she try writing her thoughts, which she does. This scene shows a more gentle Jack, and a sweet sincere moment of friendship among our original Losties. Jack convinces Sun to go with them.

Widmore's camp has kidnapped Jin. They need his knowledge of the island learned from his Dharma days, specifically the electromagnetic pocket of energy. To ensure his interest and cooperation, Widmore shows Jin pictures of Ji-Yeon and Sun. This was one of those gut wrenching moments in LOST. Poor Jin! Widmore proceeds to tell Jin about a package, which is not a what but a who.

Flocke goes to try to retrieve Jin and is met with a bunch of pylons designed to keep him out. He announces war has come to the island and leaves Sayid to investigate what was kept in the submarine...this is when we get a glimpse of the package..it's Desmond! Of course, he always was the special one.

A Few Interesting Things:
*Claire frets over going home to an Aaron who doesn't know her and Locke says Kate's name isn't on the wall anymore, but he needs her to get the others on the plane. Then, "whatever happens, happens."
*I suspect Jin is the Kwon candidate. So much for the females!
*I absolutely loved Ilana's suspicion of Ben and when he asked why she didn't believe him, she answers, "Because you're speaking"
*Sayid is numb to feeling...I believe he has lost his soul.

Overall I really enjoyed the forward momentum of tonight's episode, and the character development as well. I'm so glad to see Desmond again, and while I cringe at the words sacrifice, I suspect we will be seeing lots of death and heart wrenching moments now that we're nearing the end.

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