Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview with Lynn Weingarten about Wherever Nina Lies and Giveaway!

Wherever Nina Lies
I read Wherever Nina Lies a few weeks ago. It's a fun mystery that uses drawings and has all sorts of creative ideas in it. While I thought the lack of parental involvement was a little bit hard to believe, it was over all a fun read. I have a short interview with the author below and a chance for you to win a copy of the book!

Why did you choose to write about a missing person?

Scholastic said they were looking to do a YA novel that would have drawings in it, and so I tried to come up with a story that drawings would naturally be a part of. It seemed like it would work best if the drawings were clues. And things just sort of went from there . . .

Do you personally identify more with Ellie or Nina?

Some Ellie, a little bit Nina, but not entirely with either of them. I’ve had friends read the book and tell me they thought that Ellie sounds like me, which I always think is funny.

Do you have a sister that was the inspiration for this story?

I do have a sister who is older and helped me know what having an older sister is like. She wasn’t really the inspiration for the plot though.

I loved the idea of the Mothership. Where did you get that idea?

Oh thank you! There was a house in the town where I went to college that was actually called the Mothership, although it wasn’t at all like the Mothership in the story, it’s just where I got the name. Most of the other details are just made up, although the overall mood of the party was inspired by various wacky places that are real – a house we used to go to in high school that was only ever lit by black-light, and huge house I lived in for a summer during college (the rumor was that it was a former funeral home, and was haunted), and a giant circusy sort of house where I went to a few parties when I first moved to NYC.

What do you hope readers take away from this story?

My main goal was to write something that people would (hopefully) find fun to read. A few readers have emailed and told me things they’ve taken away from the story and while I wasn’t writing with any particular message in mind, I’ve been glad to know that they got these certain things out of it. But I can’t say any more than that or I’ll give away the ending!

I know you want to read it! Here's the official synopsis:
Nina was beautiful, wild, and adored by her younger sister, Ellie. But, one day, Nina disappeared. Two years later, everyone has given up home that Nina will return, but Ellie knows her sister is out there. If only Ellie had a clue where to look. Then she gets one, in the form of a mysterious drawing. Determined to find Nina, Ellie takes off on a crazy, sexy, cross-country road trip with the only person who believes she’s got a chance—her hot, adventurous new crush. Along the way, Ellie finds a few things she wasn’t planning on. Like love. Lies. And the most shocking thing of all: the truth. Learn more at the website for Wherever Nina Lies.

If you are interested in entering to win a copy of this book, please fill out the form below! Please note the contest rules:
Books are valued at $8.99 each.
Shipping Guidelines: This book giveaway is open to participants with a United States mailing address only (international readers can enter if they have a friend in the States who can accept their prizes by mail.) Contest closes April 15th.

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