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A Chat with L.J. Smith!

I am beyond thrilled to be hosting L.J. Smith today for Harper Collins 28 Days of Winter Escapes in promotion of her new book The Vampire Diaries: The Return:Shadow Souls This is pretty much a dream come true for me since L.J. Smith's books have meant so much to me and my life as a reader. Please be sure to visit the official 28 Day Giveaway site to learn how you can win a copy of the book! I now give you L.J. Smith!

    1. Elena and Stefan have an undeniable bond. What, in your mind, is the biggest clue that you’re in love with someone?

      Hmm, I think that it would differ with different people—and especially with a selfish lover versus a giving lover. For instance, Damon is also in love with Elena, but he doesn’t typically make sacrifices to please her. He’s a selfish lover—but in the new Vampire Diaries books he will learn a thing or two. Stefan is a giving lover, and he already knows that being able to make sacrifices (from what to do on a winter afternoon to putting his life on the line) is the biggest clue that he’s truly in love with Elena. He’d even let her hold the TV remote . . . if he had a TV.

    1. Stefan and Damon are always in competition for Elena’s love, among other things . . . is it possible that the brothers will ever get over their rivalry?

      Well, that happens to be the very focus of the new trilogy. In Shadow Souls and Midnight the brothers are forced to work together—or at least on the same side. But while Stefan would probably try anything for Elena, Damon is more like a half-tamed panther relentlessly stalking her every move. The question each day is: Will the good, helpful Damon come out or will the wicked, wild Damon emerge? So it really depends on Damon—who’s not very dependable.

    1. Which brother, Stefan or Damon, would you rather go on a date with?

      If I get to be Elena, or even Bonnie, I would want to go out with Damon. I’d probably be scared half out of my mind—but I’d have a wickedly spectacular time and it would be an experience to remember. Unfortunately, I don’t think Damon would date any other female as much as dine on her. In that case, of course I’d go with Stefan. His gentlemanly manners would keep him from revealing that he was thinking about Elena the whole time.

    1. What gift do you think Stefan would give to Elena on Valentine’s Day?

      Ah, there is a little story about this that I am going to post on the Internet—or perhaps gather together with other little stories that had to be cut from the books. Therefore, I know exactly what Stefan gave to Elena for Valentine’s Day—although he has never spent a day in February with her. So I’m afraid I can’t reveal everything about it yet, but clever readers will realize that in Shadow Souls Elena has a gift from Stefan that we never actually see him give her. A gift that she values more than even her diary! There has to be a story behind that.

    1. Would you rather receive flowers and chocolates or a handwritten card and photograph from a special someone on Valentine’s Day?

      I want all of them! And where is the perfume and diamonds? (That’s my inner Elena being greedy.) But although it’s hard to give up the flowers—I love flowers!—I would deeply appreciate a handmade card and photograph. Of course, of all the guys Elena has dated, only Stefan would be likely to make her a card. He might well have been a skilled artist and he would certainly have more patience than Damon.

    1. How do you beat the cold nights of winter?

      Some people might think that this is a silly question, when the “cold” nights of Southern California in winter only dip into the 50s on a bad day. But I live in Northern California, where we have actual seasons, and it gets cold enough to leave frost on the lawn at night. I beat those chilly nights with a snuggly down robe, a crackling fire, and a big cup of steaming chai tea. (You can’t live in the Bay Area and not love chai tea.)

    1. What would your suggested destination be for a romantic vacation with a vampire boyfriend?

      Ohh . . . it would have to be incredibly beautiful—and I wouldn’t want any other people around. A château in France, a castle in Italy . . . fortunately my vampire boyfriend could afford things like that (vampires tend to live a long time and get very rich). But let’s not be mercenary. What about a simple yacht and a deserted island of our own where we could toast each other with Black Magic wine and then nibble on . . . well, I’m sure we’d think of something.

    1. What book are you looking forward to reading this winter?

      Very unromantically, I am just starting The Brain That Changes Itself, about neuropsychology, and a book about the materials and methods employed by the U.S. Secret Service. But I am also “reading” my own mind’s writing, which includes new books in the Vampire Diaries and Night World series, and a few books so new I barely have titles for them, like The Moonbride and Brionwy’s Lullabie.

    1. Do you believe in soul mates?

      Of course I do! While I’m not quite sure that there is only one person in the world who is your soul mate, and while I don’t think that if your true love dies you will never find love again, I do think that people can fall in love very deeply and that that love can last a lifetime. If that doesn’t describe a soul mate, what does?

    1. Do you have a favorite quote about love to share?

      Oh, many! But I like this simple beginning to “Vivien’s Song,” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:

        In Love, if Love be Love, if Love be ours,
        Faith and unfaith can ne'er be equal powers:
        Unfaith in aught is want of faith in all.

      Of course, this is Vivien singing and Vivien is the one who lured Merlin into a hollow tree and trapped him there in the story of King Arthur. I can just imagine Damon using the same sort of “logic” to try to trap Elena into doing something she’d regret.

      I do have an alternate, if that isn’t quite the mood you had in mind. I have always loved the final words at the death of Jean Valjean in the play Les Misérables:

        And remember the words that once were spoken:

        To love another person is to see the face of God . . .

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Pam said...

oh how I love this woman. Her books are amazing and she always gives such a great interview. I know I have mentioned this several times but I am jealous! haha.

LJ Smith Challenge? *runs to follow the link*

Heidenkind said...

Great questions and great answers! I would also rather go out with Damon-it would definitely be more exciting. :) Can't wait for the new book to come out!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Nice to see that even the author is #teamdamon! You should have asked her if she's #teampeeta too ;)

Beth F said...

What a fabulous interview!!! Ok, ok, so I have like 6 or 8 L.J. Smith books here -- yes, yes, I need to read them.Good summer reading????

Karen Maldonado said...

Yikes love the interview.
I've read all of her work, next time would you ask her about her "Forbidden Game" trilogy and "Nick Armstrong". If I could go out with any of her characters it would be Nick, if my friend hadn't said "she'll kill me" because she loves him too.
But seriously, I would love to hear what inspired her to write both The Secret circle and Forbidden Game, Julian is also one of her best... Her best character, he is wicked and evil and in love those 3 make him dangerous.

My favorite Smith Qoute as of last year is
"I'm as cruel as life,-As cruel as love." -forbidden game trilogy

"There is nothing frightening in the dark if you just face it,"
- Secret circle trilogy.

I used to be Team Damon, but Nightfall made me a Team Stefan, plus I love Damon and Boonie together.

KT Grant said...

*bows down to the excellent LJ Smith* Thank you for your many, many years of writing and especially the Forbidden Game trilogy that I still have to this day.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your books! So good. I have all of them so far! Awesome! The interview was good, too. I'm so excited to read Shadow Souls! 

soleil said...

Fun interview! L.J. Smith was my absolute favorite author growing up. Of course I still love her and am working my way (slowly) re-reading all her books.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait for Shadow Souls. The Damon/Elena relationship she's written is just a beautiful love story all around. I've loved the way it has evolved into something magnificent.

Jay Marie said...

I am so grateful to her for creating Stefan Salvatore who invades my dreams everynight.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read Shadow Souls, am a huge fan of the books and the t.v. series. Team Damon all the way, they have SO much chemistry together that been building and building it's going to cause earthquakes when they finally kiss.

Heidi R. Kling said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for creating such memorable characters, L.J!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview.

Team Stefan all the way.
I can't wait to read the story behind the present that Stefan gave Elena for Valentine's day.

Rizzle0 said...

Ahhhh i love this woman!! i love her stories she is amazing! and can't wait for the Shadow Souls!!
I am Team Stefmon ! LOL i love both of them!

Nora said...

I'm so excited fer Shadow Souls. Damon/Bonnie all the way!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Damon and Elena are the way!!

Melissa said...

Team Delena Always <33

Can't wait to read the next book! Woohoo!!! =]

Anonymous said...

Team Stefan 4EVA!!! I want to see what the Valentine's day gift that Elena receives from Stefan is!!! I hope those two are together in the end!! I also like Damon & Bonnie together!!! <3 I can't wait till the book comes out!! the wait is killing me!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Shadow Souls! Less than a month to go :D
I'd love to read the Valentine's Day story as well, but Damon/Bonnie is my favorite couple <3

Anonymous said...

Wooo I can't wait for the next book! Bonnie and Damon are the best :D

cyanna said...

i absolutely love Ms.Smith.She is amazing! :)

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